PHP Contact Form w Dynamic Add/Remove Entry Fields

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This is an easy and fully customizable dynamic PHP form, easily embedded to any website, which can be used for customers to be able to list things in a nice dynamic way, where each additional string of entry fields can be added and removed, as needed by the customer. Single page form!


- User is able to add/remove entry strings dynamically

- Customizable amount of entry fields on each string

- Customizable max amount of dynamic strings

- Customizable amount of static entry fields

- Captcha (dynamic refresh, no need to refresh the page)

- 3 file attachments option with submission to specified email

- Form submission success/error message on the same page

- Fully customizable display view of the form

- Required and Non-Required fields


Examples when this form can be used:

- Listing of available/needed equipment

- Listing of passengers to be registered for transportation

- Listing of clothing available for donation

- Listing of 'X' amount of strings with 'Y' amount of entry fields

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