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QuickGal2 is a nice and friendly gallery script with a lot of features and large customization options. Easily integrate the script adding two simple lines of PHP code in your webpage.


- Easy layout customization: Change the look of your galleries and albums by editing an existing theme or creating your own.
- Easy integration: The script can be easily integrated using two simple lines of PHP code.
- Powerful Admin Panel: Get full control over your galleries, albums and pictures using an advanced powerful admin panel.
- Multiple picture uploading: Upload a large set of pictures with just one click. It's faster than using your FTP client and can be done anywhere.
- Easy Installation: Follow a simple step-by-step wizard and the script will be ready to use. It really takes less than a couple of minutes.
- Hierarchical galleries: Want to keep your albums organized the same way as on your computer ? QuickGal2 allows you to create neasted galleries.
- Hidden & password protected galleries: Full control over the published content. Any gallery/album can be set as: public, protected or invisible.
- Picture caching: For faster page loading, QuickGal2 saves a cache copy of each dinamically resized picture, allowing fast access and reduced system load.
- Slideshows: Enjoy your pictures in a fancy Flickr-like slideshow.
- Multilingual support: Translating the front-end to your language is as easy as opening a file and replacing 20 words. Fast and easy.
- Watermark: Upload an image and dynamically add it at the bottom-right corner of every full-sized image of your set of galleries. No image will be altered and the watermarking feature can be turned off whenever you want.


This script requires: PHP 4/5 with GD libraries + MYSQL.


If you have any pre-sales or support related questions for this application, please visit our helpdesk.

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