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iAuto Car Classifieds Software is a multi-language SEO-optimized auto classifieds script. Spotlight features: YouTube video and slideshow for ads, flexible membership plans and payment packages; advertising opportunities for AdSense or BMA; customizable templates and themes; powerful built-in CMS. Convenient billing and payment management, advanced credit system will help convert user satisfaction into cash. iAuto includes the most impressive performance and usability improvements to stand out from the crowd. Comprehensive multi-language interface (w/ RTL capability) turn iAuto into a powerful multilingual website tailored for worldwide audience, as well as a perfect local classified website. Whether you are a Web developer looking for a powerful script to build your customer s project; or a vehicle dealer replacing your current nonperforming website, you are right on the money with iAuto as your only choice of a perfect classified solution for your successful project.

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May 16, 2017 
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$199.00 USD
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iAuto Standard Edition
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$99.00 USD
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iAuto Special Edition

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  • iAuto's reliability, support and incredible functionality amaze me. Thank you for making such a great suite of software!

  • I installed and tested several trial versions of different classifieds scripts. After a month long hesitation I decided to choose iAuto. iAuto is nearly perfect for my needs! It is a super script,so easy to customize and so user friendly. They provide great support and free upgrades.

  • I would like to respond to the below review, which I believe is completely unfair. My agency, ArayoWeb, have many years experience working with the iAuto and iRealty scripts and we have created many websites with it. WFW offer a very functional script for any classifieds website, which offers so many more features than any other scripts we have tried and tested over the years. The likes of Wordpress and other scripts that claim to have classifieds themes, all fall short on the features and functions they offer. Also, the design can be easily customised if you know about front end interface development, which is where we often step in, particular for the Spanish and Latin American markets as we have Spanish speaking staff that can offer support in their native language. Yes of course there is some configuration involved from the client's point of view, but it is easily manageable from the website CMS administration without the need for any coding experience of any sorts. To think that someone could expect to have a custom automobile classifieds website for only a few hundred dollars, which may I add would cost tens of thousands of dollars if the website had to be created from scratch and the likes of Works for Web didn't exist, offering great scripts at affordable prices. Also, their support is fantastic. They always reply quickly to any support issues and their staff is very courteous and polite, and always willing to help. The fact that they offer 6 months free support and upgrades with their premium (although still low cost) package is an incredible offer. Of course, they are going to charge for additional support and upgrades of customised scripts (which does many hours as we have done it ourselves on a few occasions), as they are a business at the end of the day and need to make money. I am sure that a shop would not give away their products to customers for free, without charging and it is the same thing in the service industry. Man hours cost businesses a lot of money, and we need to cover that cost by charging for our services of course! Anyway, in summary WFW are a great company, with great support and a very comprehensive classifieds script, for which so far we have not yet found a better alternative (apart from creating a site from scratch, but there are very few people thesedays that want to pay $100k for a website). Therefore I recommend their product to anyone looking at setting up a classifieds business, although I will add that every website needs promoting, so if you want help with marketing your classifieds website online, just give us a call! ;) Thank you Works for Web, we look forward to doing business with you again soon, and will be sure to recommend!

  • Thank you very much for your kind cooperation. It's a pleasure serving you.

  • Watch out, everyone they encode their system files so much it renders you disable to update your own bought script to the latest PHP version on your dedicated server. In other words, 175 is the setup for any customization which is over prices. This is just a fucking setup fee not the main customization. Other than that, We are talking about the encoded files on the system files which they put in place to protect their script but for clients its a new way to give them more money. And its crazy. They wanted me to pay $600 total for two sites. I think this should be free for customers that brought all of their customizations. Other scripts like meeplace provided updates for this so clients can keep working on their sites. No not iAuto! They want to suck you dry for money. I asked them to remove me from their support they removed me without even asking why and what can we do to take care of a 4 to 5 year client that I was. Sad, they made a great script but it limited to steal from you a large amount of money without providing a full true open source copy or lifetime updates for PHP versions for dedicated servers. This is something you should watch out for on SCRIPTS period. I will code a script like this myself instead ever going to a script company to find a quick resolve for a client of mine! I have spent over 1000s plus of dollars on customizations that has gone down the waste. I am posting this everywhere I go online because I do not want to see others trapped and lose large amount of money on this crap script!!@!!!!!!

  • Dear UnHappy Customer, Your leaving us so suddenly put some of us in a state of great disbelief. We couldn't believe it was you who was so unhappy and never let us know about it. Our support was very upset as we didn't see it coming. Whenever a loyal customer leaves us in such a way, this is a great cause of concern, and we need to find out what we did wrong to at least make sure we know how to not make the same mistake again. Going through our history of doing business together, which, btw, dates back to early March of 2010 (yep, a four year history of successful website operation), and reading your most recent email, it appears that we know what the deal is. Unfortunately, hind sight 20/20, this could have been a 5-minute fix, had it not evolved into such a sad situation. Since you specifically asked us to not contact you again via email, we'll respond here and clarify certain points using facts, not emotions. You are mentioning that our product is heavily encoded. This is not true at all, and anyone can download it free of charge, unzip and see. Of the total of 6,079 files (excluding paid modules), just 53 files are encoded. This equals to 0.8% of the total files, less than 1 per cent of the total. You are saying that it costs customers $175 to set up a custom project. It is not true either, as it costs any customer only $75, and for this much money we perform two installations, one on our server to show you the draft of the project, and the other one, on your server, with all the changes in it. In addition to that, we'll have to create a customization patch, upload it on your server, and if anything goes wrong, we'd have to fix it until it works. Again, you are stating that you were requested to pay $600 for two websites to upgrade to the latest version. For whatever reasons, you appear to forget to mention that the $600 for two websites is the actual cost of two custom upgrades of two heavily modified websites with multiple customizations. The upgrade was forced upon all of us by PHP changing its syntax, and ISP's phasing out servers with the old PHP version. We of course released a new version of the products, and provided everyone with FREE upgrade patches like everyone else does. The fact is that you would need time to figure out how to update your websites, where many files were modified (because it is open source) per your request. The total cost is not for the upgrade, but it is for us to do it, pure labor costs. Upgrade patch is FREE. We fail to understand why you never considered hiring a third-party developer if you didn't like our costs. There's a ton of them out there who can do this job just as well. We'd even recommend you an awesome company like www.arayoweb.com that makes marvelous websites based on our products. When you are saying that we are stealing from our customers "a large amount of money without providing a full true open source copy", ask yourself, Have we ever promised you to provide you a 100% open source and editable copy? Our EULA specifically says that some files are encoded for intellectual property protection. If it was a full open source, then anyone could purchase a copy and start reselling it everywhere. Why would we take ourselves out of business by doing something as stupid as this? Not sure what your expectations are, but they don't appear to be realistic. You complain about spending 2K over the span of four years of successfully running a website for your customer based on iAuto. For that money, you had several custom projects, a full license with addons, and you are complaining that you spent $500/yr to run a comprehensive classified website? How much did YOU charge your customer over that period of time? Getting a website that runs for four years steady, and quitting because we asked for $200 for a custom upgrade of the PHP version just because you didnt' want to do it yourself? Good luck with your business DW, and God bless you!!!

  • iAuto has many really nice features and it is very easy to use and quite affordable. The customer support is great, friendly and fast! I wish you the best for all your future software developments!

  • Thanks, Saxena, it's a pleasure serving you. Stay tuned for updates.

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