phpJobScheduler - your simple PHP replacement to cron jobs

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PHP scheduler - a replacement for cron jobs on Unix or scheduled tasks using Microsoft Scheduler. phpJobScheduler is a scheduler that runs using PHP and MySQL, other databases should now be compatible as all code now uses PHP/PDO for database connectivity (no root/admin access is required). Now using phpJobScheduler you can easily set times when a PHP script should run; automating tedious tasks such as trimming a database table, or emailing a member when their membership fee is due. Schedule a task to run hourly, daily or weekly - scheduled data is stored in a MySQL database via PHP. Some of the features: - easy setup - runs silently (no screen output) - saves run logs to database - saves error messages to database - runs remote scripts in a secure folder - schedule PHP scripts to run: 1-59 minutes hourly daily weekly - add scheduled tasks - modify existing scheduled tasks - delete existing scheduled tasks

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  • I am using this script to get hits on my webpage. It is a WordPress site with not that much traffic, and this script helped me a lot. Thanks Dave

  • This works pretty well as an alternative to Cron. The standard approach is to add a command to one or more of your website pages to trigger it. In my case, I use Cron to trigger it. I use PHPJobScheduler because my web host limits the number of Cron jobs that I can set up. It has two important limitations but there are ways around them: - If you trigger it from your web site, then you need enough (consistent) traffic or it won't be triggered when you are expecting it to be. - If your web hosting service turns off the allow_url_include parameter in the php.ini module, then the normal way of specifying the address of the program to be scheduled (using a full http://... url) won't work. The hosting companies do this because it creates a security exposure. I am working on a way around this (the first version has a problem) and you can see the details at:

  • The new version allows you to add a hidden link to any page on any website. So this it nolonger an issue.

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