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Powerful on-line tool which allows you to create your own unique website with the helping hands of professional designers. Just choose a desired website template from thousands of professional designs, order any customization you want and get a professional high quality website.

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Feb 11, 2009 
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Average Member Rating: 1.55/5

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  • http://www.templatetuning.com. Don't waste your money with them. Very poor customer service.

  • Worst customer service and after sale support. All is nice and sweet until payment is made.Forget getting results after.

  • So I've bought a few themes from TemplateMonster in the past and i've never really had an issue (scroll to the bottom if you don't want to know all the details and only want to read a small review). However - i'm making a new website for a client and they wanted to have a website that had a store as well as a YouTube background and all the bells and whistles. Anyway, Black Friday sale, great discount on Monsteroid had everything I wanted what else can I ask for right? I proceed to purchase and I pay but when I come back to the TM store it says my payment failed but i've got a PayPal receipt and a SMS from my bank to say i've paid. I contacted customer support explained the situation and they told me to send a screenshot of my PayPal and my bank which I did. 24 hours pass and i'm waiting for a response...I get told that the payment failed and they have not collected any fund. I contact customer support and explain again that my bank has taken the funds and PayPal has paid them, they tell me they will be in touch etc etc etc. Its now 3 days later and I get really frustrated as the project is being delayed so I just purchase the template again and I log a PayPal claim for the first purchase (which is a long process in itself). Within a few hours I get an email from PayPal saying my money has been refunded - after customer support told me they didn't receive the funds, so if I didn't make a PayPal claim I probably wouldn't have got my money back. Anyway - happy times I now have the theme right? Wrong. This was the beginning. It's not a couple of weeks later and I have time to start the project again - i've now taken the clients site offline and i've installed Wordpress and I use their very helpful Monsteroid installer. Everything is going well until I am importing the sample data - there's an error. Great. So I contact customer support and explain the situation and send screenshots. Talking to customer support to just explain the situation itself is a nightmare as they take ages to reply and 9/10 times they just send you a link for a video. Anyway - a ticket gets created and I get a video link for manual install (which I have already tried, but hey I maybe I was doing something wrong) so I deleted all of Wordpress and decided to start over just in case. It still didn't work so I got in touch with the customer support again...went through the whole process again and a few hours later I get another video for manual advanced install. I follow the steps (bearing in mind this is like a day later now) and it works. Now, I wanted the homepage to have a YouTube video background and Monsteroid sample data already has a page for this. I proceed to edit the video link and ooops. Suddenly the fullscreen video background became half the size with a black box playing a YouTube video inside. I contacted customer support again...went through the steps again (btw first line support know nothing, i've learnt this by now) I send them to the page, I show them the original video then I change the link and show them the difference (this process alone took 20 mins). They log a ticket and send it to second line support. Now my project is being delayed so I have another slider that I previously purchased with another Theme from another website so I decided to use that instead of using the slider that was provided. I install it and everything works the way I want it to amazing. Is that it? Of course not. Now the Motopress Content Editor has stopped working and i've logged a ticket yet again and spoken to the ever so helpful support (not)! I'm awaiting a reply. Let's see i'm not holding my breath. I'm going to wait till the morning or else I am going to buy a new theme. Moral of the story - TM are good if you never ever need support and your product works 100% OK. If you are one of the unlucky ones, the first line support is useless. They are have no technical knowledge and cannot guide you through the simplest of mistakes. Sometimes they decide to transfer you to a new person mid conversation so you have to start again because their shift is over! Based on this experience I would never purchase from TM ever again even though i've used them many times before. As a person with a tight schedule I don't want to talk to customer support and wait for replies for days on end. I purchased a theme so that I can have an active website within a few hours worst case scenario a few days. If I had weeks I would have written the theme myself!

  • I was lucky to buy templatemonster template with a big discount, I also ordered logo and installation from templatetuning. I was impressed with the speed of work - so I provided everything they requested, and voila - in 2 days I got my template live with my company name on it. I am grateful, because I lack tech skills to work with templates, and actually I got what I wanted.

  • As said before, this is the absolute worst customer service I've ever had in my life, they top Time Warner by a long shot. Here is a sample of my chat with them just a few minutes ago. "You will now be talking to Tiffany. Please, wait... [05:50:51] Hello, hope you're fine today. My name is Tiffany. I'm templatetuning.com project manager. My e-mail is tiffany@templatetuning.com. What can I do for you? [05:51:16] Hello, I was told my site would be ready [05:51:41] Rose told me this 5 hours ago [05:51:47] your project is in production [05:51:54] your project manager will e-mail you [05:52:37] c'mon, I was told by Rose my site would be ready, and Rose does NOT email me. [05:53:30] it's been 6 days since I've reeived an email from Rose, so please stop saying she will, because histroy proves she will not [05:53:53] I will leave her an urgent note to e-mail you with updates [05:54:27] I did chat with her however, and that is why I'm asking you to do a little customer service [05:54:40] will you check please? [05:54:53] Please hold on. [05:54:58] I will double check your project [05:55:07] thank you [05:55:31] Have a great day! [05:55:47] are you checking now? [05:56:01] sorry [05:56:17] please ignore the previous message [05:56:17] yes [05:56:21] I am checking [06:11:07] hello? [06:12:32] a minute please [06:21:14] so you rpoject still in production department [06:22:56] OK, will be be ready soon? [06:23:21] Rose will e-mail you with delivery terms for the project [06:24:13] As I have told you, Rose has not emailed me in many days, so please stop saying she will, I do not believe you [06:25:45] I hope you experience this level of service when you are buyiong something, I hope you get as frustrated as I am right now. [06:26:05] i understand you [06:26:11] but you can visit our chat later [06:26:17] so I will know the exact time

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