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Kingnare Flex Skin

Nice free Flex sking good as a starter skin for dark or grey Flex applications. Has some programmatic skins too for fast performance.

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Price: Free

Flex Black Gloss Skin

Professionally Made Black Gloss Flex Skin ,For Your Flex Projects.

There are only a few flex skins out there,I am trying to offer some diversity for everyone.
Hopefully You will find this Skin usefull in Your flex projects.

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Price: USD 5.00

Flex Drop Down MP3 Player

This is a fully customizable mp3 player with drop down playlist. User can add more songs to the xml and then it will come to the player also.

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Price: USD 12.00

Live Reflection

Live Reflection

The live reflection component can be used to reflect any Flex Display Object. The reflection is dynamic and changes when the display object changes.

Some capabilities of this component are

- Customizable reflection fade from value
- Customizable reflection fade to value
- Optional blur filter can be added to the reflection
- Customizable distance or length of the re...

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Animated Collapsible Panel

Better use your screen real estate with the stylish and classy animated collapsible panel

- Can be styled and skinned in many different ways.
- Supports binding of Open and Close icons and your images
- Position the icons to wherever you want - left, right, center or any x-position
- Turn animation on or off, customize animation duration

Other smart features include
- Abil...

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3D Flex Tag Cloud

Display your keywords as a rotating 3D Cloud of Tags.
- Data is completely XML data driven from a tags.xml file or dynamically generated from server url
- Customizable cloud shape ellipse, tag text color and font, tag text on mouse over, background hilight color on mouse over etc
- Response to mouse events on Tag click, over or out

Source included. Will work as a Flash file from HTML. AS DOC Help do...

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Fancy Flex Slideshow

GridZoom designer effect with powerful XML based styling for designer effects

-XML Configuration
-Title and descriptive content for each image
- Supports SWF and Images
- Clickable Content

XML Configuration file to configure:
- Background - Color & alpha
- Border - Style, thickness and color
- Frames - Rate & Duration
- Text - P...

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PayPal Buy Now Smart Button

Take the pain out of Paypal buy now integration
- Easily manage your Paypal account with an xml config file
- Bind to your item for properties like name, amount etc required by paypal checkout
- Handle item discounts, tax rates, shipping etc
- Take the complexity out of paypal integration

Instllation and setup is very easy
- No server side code
- No javascript
- Up and Running in minutes
- Source code included

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Price: USD 8.00

Flex slideshow

Show your Images and Portfolio In Style

Slideshows using Flex offer great style and flexibility using an XML configuration file that maps to the Flex CSS. Appropriate for even those with no Flex or Flash knowledge. Just modify the XML file to add your image or swf location and title and description for each image/swf and be up and running in minutes

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Flex Preloaders

Any of these stylish preloaders can set the right mood for your visitors while they wait for your application to wait. Usage is as simple as a line of code and replacing the default logo image with your custom logo.

Make a good first impression with your Flex website.

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Price: USD 5.00

Free Fash/Flex Icon Maker

Icon Maker is a FREE flex 3+ application written in actionscript 3 that generates adobe like icons.
You can choose Icon Maker Lite or Icon Maker Pro and generate an unlimited number of icons.

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Views: 445

Price: Free

Flex MP3 Audio Player Jukebox

Professional Flex MP3 Audio Player Jukebox Made with Flex 3.0

About 260 Lines of Actionscript and MXML,
Pretty Handy mp3 Player,for Use in Your Projects,or FlexApplications.

* Unlimited Tracks
* XML Driver
* Skinnable
* Resizeable
* Very Easy to Setup
* Full Source inlcuded

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Views: 166

Price: USD 10.00

Dynamic Water Effect Flex Component

This is a Flex container that creates an interactive dynamic water effect on its children maintaining their full functionality. The effect can be used on any displayObject type components.

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Price: USD 5.00

Flex Video Gallery

Professional Flex Video Gallery Made with Flex 3.0

Very Versatile little Flex Video Gallery,
You can easily implement into Your Current Flex Projects,or Use as a Standalone Application.

* Unlimited Videos
* Unlimited Images
* Play Images,and Video Simultaneously
* XML Driven
* Very Easy to Implement
* Skinnable

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Price: USD 15.00

slider component 02

This is an alternative version to the HSlider and VSlider components (i.e.: you will use it as a regular Slider).

Colors can easily be changed using flex css styles (you can see some example in the preview).

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Price: USD 4.00

application preloader 03

This is an alternative preloader that can be added to a flex application instead of the default halo one.

It can be easily skinned (size, colors and filters) with a property class.

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Price: USD 3.00

Flash/Flv Audio Recorder

The Flash Audio Recorder application can be installed by you on your website to allow your users and visitors to record audio messages directly on your website. Source files available for purchase.

The application runs in the browser, grabs the raw input from the microphone, encodes it using the NellyMoser codec built in Flash Player and streams the data to the media server where it is saved in .flv files. As a web site administrat...

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Record Camera To FLV (RecCam2FLV) is a function packed web-based application that records capture devices such as camera, webcam… on user PC and stores as FLV files on server using Flash streaming technology.
Record quality can be controlled by user. When stop recording, FLV file is immediately created on Red5 Server without extra time for upload. User can also replay recorded FLV file or record again.
It can be used in movie stre...

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Flex Youtube Gallery

Flex YouTube Video Gallery

- video id,thumbnail,title and description is possible to change in external xml file
- you can have as much videos in gallery as you want
- possible to change background pattern and fonts in attached to sources fla files
- for playing YouTube videos I used TubeLock library

Full screen sample:

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circle button component

This is an alternative skinning for the regular flex Button component.

It will show a circle button that can be skinned/modified using all Button styles and properties (fill-colors, label, icon, toggle, etc.), retaining the Button behavior.

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Views: 76

Price: USD 3.00