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NFT Marketplace Software - Cover Image
NFT Marketplace Software
Built on React, Web3 JS React is the most popular JS framework in crypto and blockchain community. With developer community contribution, react ecosytem has good libaraies to interact with Smart Contracts and Blockchain. Also React is the leading front end development framework. Mobile First Responsive Web Design The frontend is developed using Utiliy First TailwindCSS framework. The designs are easy to customize and apploes Mobile First responsive design. User Journey / User Experience The success of any NFT Platform is mainly depended on it’s user experience. The front end is designed to cater all industry recommended user flow like search, filter browse, collect, view, comment, rank, bookmark, buy, bid, and share. The creator / author experience is more critical. The creation of colletcion, listing, minting and pricing screens are designed with care to ensure the best customer experience.
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PriceUSD 4,999.00
Results 1-1 of 1