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Affiliate Mod Club Add-On
The Affiliate Mod Club Add-on is designed to operate with the Affiliate Mod version 1.3 to give a club, company, or organization an affiliate status to earn commissions on products sold. Unlike traditional affiliate referrals where the referring affiliate earns the commission (which is generally unknown to the customer), the Affiliate Mod Club Add-on allows the customer to select which club or organization and by doing so, they are selecting which affiliate earns the commission. In this case, a club, company, or organization acts as the affiliate and the customer designates (during checkout or as part of their account profile) which organization they are associated with. After the order has been paid, the club earns the commission just like a traditional affiliate. This is a great way for clubs and organizations to raise revenue while giving the customer the satisfaction of knowing their own club is supported.
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Results 1-1 of 1