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posted bycoreyceoinPayPal
Paypal2download only allows people who have made a purchase via Paypal to instantly access your downloads. After a purchase via Paypal, the customer is automatically emailed a username and password to access your downloads. The built in mailing list manager allows you to send emails or newsletters to all of your customers. What can I sell using Paypal2download V 4.0? Basically you can sell files, digital goods or products from your website that can be downloaded. For example: mp3's, e-books, artwork, video, software, screensavers, documents etc.
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PriceUSD 59.99
Paypal Check 2
posted bywickedinPayPal
This is just another PayPal check the free version redirects to page this opens it up inside itself {Hidding the URL or PAGE}.Supports URLs I added AlertPAy to it too.You can remove that real easy though.
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PriceUSD 5.00
Paypal Zip File Emailer
posted bynow1techinPayPal
This perl/cgi script verifies Paypal payments and automatically emails your digital goods to the customer as an attachment. This is the perfect automated solution if you sell digital goods suchs as mp3's, e-books, videos, artwork etc. How does this program work? After a purchase, Paypal's servers send the transaction details to this program. This program then analyzes the transaction data, verifies the payment is successful, figures out what product the customer wants and then emails that product as an attachment.
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PriceUSD 24.99
A+ Download Multi-File
posted bycgiinPayPal
A+ Download Multi-File is The MySQL Download Script Solution for PayPal. Download multiple files of any file format. After the PayPal payment the downloads are accessed instantly via a web link or as an e-mail attachment. Administrative Interface includes a cart manager to maintain the data, paypal button wizard a transaction summary report by date range to view total earnings and total downloads, and a transaction listing report to review each and every transaction. Most important NO Exorbitant Transaction Fees To Sell Your Digital Files via PayPal. ITS YOUR DOWNLOAD CENTER.
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PriceUSD 50.00
Pay Pal Money Safe List With Master Resale Rights
posted byjcrew211inPayPal
Everybody knows how important it is to advertise on the Internet. If you do not advertise people do not see what it is you are trying to sell. You will not get noticed. Your web site will sit there with no visitors. Even in the business world large corporations have an advertising budget. They know how important it is to get your message out there. A good advertising plan can generate thousands of dollars in sales. Without advertising you could be losing a lot of money. It can be difficult to know who to target for your ads. On the Internet the wrong type of advertising campaign can cost you money. Because spam is such a big issue, you have to be very careful how you advertise. A good advertising campaign could wind up in the junk file of somebody's e-mail. This can be extremely frustrating when you pay good money to advertise. There is the solution to all of this.
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PriceUSD 19.00
Extreme Pay Associate
This full featured system allows you to run your own email payment system like PayPal. It features 2Checkout and PayPal integration, signing bonus, easy to use admin and easy setup.
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eItemSeller for Downloads
posted byAndrewCinPayPal
E-Item Seller is a simple-to-use Perl script that allows your customers to enter their credit card details and download your product right away. There’s no waiting for you to confirm the order, and no delays before they receive their software. Your customers can simply place their order, enter their password and start downloading your product. They get the goods—you get the cash.
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PriceUSD 29.92
PayPal MAF
posted bykstirninPayPal
PayPal Multiple Additional Fields allows you to collect additional information from your customers at the time of purchase. With MAF you can add optional and required fields to your PayPal buttons and have that information e-mailed to you after the sale has been completed. Great if you need to collect additional information from your PayPal customers.
(15 ratings)
PriceUSD 15.00
HTMLfixIT.com PayPal Instant Payment Notification script.
posted byfrankiinPayPal
The HTMLfixIT IPN script is designed to work with PayPals IPN interface. It performs many security checks, logs all transaction data. With this script, you can sell items via PayPal and the IPN script will send out thankyou/receipt emails, keep track of pending payments, send you notifications of a transaction, stores a list of unique email address (so you can email clients easily if needed.). As an added benefit, there is sample code in the script that shows you how to set the script up to respond differently for different products you sell. (we use the script to automatically deliver the appropraite files when someone buys one of our scripts). For a full feature list, see <a href='http://htmlfixit.com/paypal_ipn_script.php'>IPN</a>.
(3 ratings)
PriceUSD 10.00
PayBuddy - Start Your Own PayPal Site/Service
posted byhelpinPayPal
Keeping all the great features of PayPal in mind we have designed a software package that allows you to easily install and manage an efficient Online Payment service. Check out the features section for more info. FEATURES: * Works just like the popular PayPal payment processing network but with added features. * Allows you to integrate membership web sites into your payment system. Other webmasters will download a script from you (included) allowing for member name:password activation and cancellation. * Fully supports automated recurring billing * Allows you to completely customize all colors and logos, for a completely brandable site. * Allows you to use the system in a manual mode or automatically processing transactions. * Easily ban/block users/IP's * Same email verification process as PayPal for the utmost security * Designed for growth, allowing you to place different parts of the program on different servers with near instant synchronization. * Will support more than 100,000 users. If you grow into more users than that, an upgrade is available supporting up to 1,000,000 users for an additional fee, again allowing you to grow your business. * Allows for more customer funding options than the competitors. You can even allow customers to fund their account WITH the competitors (PayPal.com,eCount.com,FirePay.com etc.). Funding via 900 numbers and more. * Comes with instructions on how to setup the appropriate merchant account(s) for the systems to work. * Comes with important information about ACH and how to use the ACH network. * Complete support and upgrades for 1 full year.
(9 ratings)
Price 1,295.00
ShopCMS Paypal Shopping Cart
posted bydavidinPayPal
Uses mySQL, easy install, two levels of categories, collapsible navigation menu, full Paypal shopping cart integration, customizable templates and detailed style sheet, WYSIWYG HTML editor for product info, runs on most web servers, supports most operating systems, mod_perl compatible, large and thumbnail picture upload support, clone existing Items, full featured password protected browser-based administration control panel, ranks most viewed products, allows visitors to contact you about products, listings allow you to page through results, storewide discount, edit navigation bar top and bottom through GUI, list of most popular products show on home page of the store.
(23 ratings)
Results 1-11 of 11