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  • csSearch :: FREE Website Search Script

    Automated website search script with advanced control panel.

    Rated 4.06 out of 5 (47 total ratings)

  • Wordindex

    Perl/PHP/MySQL-driven full text indexer and search engine.

  • Perlfect Search

    Powerful Web site indexing/searching software.

    Rated 5.00 out of 5 (4 total ratings)

  • HomepageSearchEngine

    A powerful full-text search engine and spidering/indexing system that highlights all matches

    Rated 3.92 out of 5 (6 total ratings)

  • 1-Click

    Let you visitors search 8 search engines at once and log the search terms.

    Rated 2.33 out of 5 (3 total ratings)

  • APB Search

    Fully customizable site indexing and searching system.

  • PS Lightning Search

    Let users Search your website fast

  • PhraseFinder

    PhraseFinder is a multi-purpose mini-search engine that searches a directory of your choice

  • MCG Site Search

    A fast and efficient site search script (Uses MySQL)

  • Amazon

    A utility for finding books on Amazon and generating Associate links

  • Good Script

    Perlfect Search

    Easy to install and setup via shell script. Indexes quickly. Can highlight search term in results. W

    Reviewer: noornaj

  • Poor support

    I was very serious about purchasing this script, so I sent an email message to support with 1 questi


  • Simply amazing

    KSearch is simply amazing: highlighting of search terms in results, restrict search to exact phrase


  • Poor Script


    I found this script slow and buggy. It didn't index all my pages, it also lets you set header, but

    Reviewer: smharrytun

  • KSearch

    After buying countless site search scripts that did not quite do the trick, KSearch "blew me away."

    Reviewer: LegalTech