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Virtual Communities

Collection of commercial and free PHP community scripts. These scripts allow you to an online virtual community site whereby your members can interact, discuss and share items. In this category, you will also find mySpace and Facebook clone scripts.
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DutchPIPE - Avatar worlds on websites
With DutchPIPE open source software, web developers can make virtual multi-user environments. Each web page becomes an abstracted environment or location where visitors and other items on the page are visualized. This status is retained as visitors move around. A lot of real-time interaction is possible. The result: Persistent Interactive Page Environments. DutchPIPE uses AJAX and the DOM for the browser - it works without Java, Flash, plugin or firewall adjustments. On the server, PHP 5 is used. With DutchPIPE, developers program "world" objects in PHP. This gives a lot of power, and is also a lot of fun! The site becomes an abstracted world or universe populated with objects which can be moved into or out of eachother and perform certain actions. There's only one world with one set of objects - if you drop something on a page, someone else can visit that page, see the object, and carry it away elsewhere.
(18 ratings)
DZOIC Handshakes Professional (social networking script)
DZOIC Handshakes is the best solution for building your own social networking service, just like Friendster, Facebook or MySpace. Handshakes is fully customizable and easy to use. It is delivered together with 100% Open PHP, PSD and FLA sources giving you a full control over completely every part of the script. Key features: powerful admin console, install guide, facebook style wall, social bookmarking, tag clouds, profiles (admin can modify profile questions), audio and video blogging, voice and video messaging, audio and video comments, video chat, image voting, classifieds, events and calendar, clubs, music and videos, FLV and MP3 players, e-cards, forum, polls, bulletins, flash chat and instant messenger, address book import (supports Yahoo!, GMail, AOL, Hotmail, MSN, MySpace), PayPal IPN support. If you are looking for an ideal social networking portal solution then you have just found it!
(208 ratings)
PriceUSD 249.00
TUFaT is one of the only places on the Internet where you can create a dynamic web-based family tree, and it was the ORIGINAL online family tree builder when first introduced in 1999. With TUFaT, you can start your family tree, and then give your username and password to family members across the world so that they can add their own branches to the tree. You can upload images and biographies of family members, lock records, and export the tree to the popular GEDCOM file format so that it can be used in desktop genealogy programs. Since TUFaT is PHP/MySQL-based, it can manage millions of family records. This version costs $5, and includes 100% of the source code, as well as simple installation instructions and free technical support on the TUFaT.com support forum.
(9 ratings)
PriceUSD 5.00
A PHP-based DKP solution to help guilds in EverQuest track guild members' attendence, item purchases and other statistics. Features templating, plugin support and supports various database abstraction layers, and many other features.
(1248 ratings)
CliServ Web Community
CliServ is a modular web-based community to allow users access to their accounts over a web connection. CliServ is written in PHP with a PostgreSQL back-end.
(6 ratings)
Results 41-45 of 45