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Reply to Criss's posts on 8th and 22th Sep Verified Reviewed by Veselin Stoilov on Mon, 21st October 2013

Rating: 5 - Excellent

Dear Chriss,

first thank you for being our client. I am sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the support service that we provide. Support service is one of the key advantages for our company and we are doing our best to improve it. I tried to locate your support account and to find out more about the communication you had with our support team but unfortunately, I could not locate any orders made for our Yellow Pages script under your name. So I really hope this is a real review and not a competitor!

From your comments I understand that you need some customizations made to our product. We sell our products under developer license which includes source code for the product so people can make their own changes. We understand that people often need minor customizations to the products they purchase so they fully meet their needs and because of this we also offer customization services. This is clearly explained on our FAQ pages - Pre-sale questions, Support Service, Custom projects tabs here

Unfortunately, we cannot provide free customization support or help you study our code. Still to make it easier for you to find your way through the code we've created which shows the structure of the code. Our free forum is fully operational and although we cannot reply immediately to every question posted there we try to reply to all the questions. Fortunately, many of our clients use the forum to communicate with other people so I do believe it's a good place to ask for some free help related to our products.

As always I am open for a chat so if you need to get in touch with me please do so at

Veselin Stoilov
StivaSoft /

I haven’t got anything but positive things to say about Stivasoft. Verified Reviewed by Matt Bell on Mon, 21st October 2013

Rating: 4 - Very Good

I am always unsure about using a new company for the first time and my feelings about Stivasoft were certainly no different. I had done a lot of research prior to choose the best script for my needs. Now I haven’t got anything but positive things to say about Stivasoft.
Stivasoft has met all my expectations. There were a few issues but at the end everything was perfect! At first the system performed well but it turned out that there was problem with google maps. Anyway, it turned out it was all my fault. Stivasoft quickly resolved the problem. They also kindly offered to reinstall the script for me for free. I have no hesitation recommending Stivasoft. It was a very very pleasant experience!
Matt Bell

no support Verified Reviewed by Anonymous on Sun, 22nd September 2013

Rating: 2 - Fair

The above comments are made by the staff. Their support is only for installation, there's absolutely no technical support, neither their forum works. You buy it, it's a simple script, but then you are on your own!

no after sale support Verified Reviewed by Criss on Sun, 8th September 2013

Rating: 1 - Poor

The script is simple and this may come useful to someone, but their support is limited to installation issues and they dont' give you any kind of hints to solve your customization problems.
Moreover, their forum is not working and it is clearly not a place where one can find support.
In other words: you buy the software and then you are on your own. Only skilled developers can survive it.

Stivasoft support is always there Reviewed by Anonymous on Fri, 28th September 2012

Rating: 5 - Excellent

I have been using Stivasoft scripts for a couple of years and I can assure they are the easiest ones to install, and its performance is the best one I have ever seen. Besides that the Stivasoft support is always there willing to help you going past their duty. If you are looking for a script and see it at do not hesitate in buying it. There is no other place where you can look. Ask Stivasoft if you need customization, you will not regret it.

Great company Reviewed by Anonymous on Tue, 22nd May 2012

Rating: 5 - Excellent

To be able to try out the script before buying was the deciding factor in our eventual purchase. The support offered by Stivasoft was instantaneous and extremely efficient - something rarely found these days. So not only a great script, but at a great price with great service and support at an amazing speed. Well done, Stivasoft.