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  • Article Manager 2 is loaded with tons of new features including the ability to use mySQL! I've tested, and even laid cash out for, many other programs but I always come back to Article Manager. With the new version, the possibilities are almost limitless! Not to mention their support is top notch! Article Manager puts all other programs, even the ones that cost thousands of dollars, to shame! If you're looking for news publishing software, this is the program for you!

  • Have been using Article Manager for a number of years now to great success. The HTML templates are *extremely* easy to customize; InteractiveTools has an active and helpful forum for quick tweaks; and the staff at IT is the best I've ever come across. Three cheers and 5 stars!

  • We have set up news pages using Article Manager on and The product installed like a dream and is now being used by the client's editorial staff (five different mining and construction trade magazines) for news updates. This includes a scrolling news area on the home page of the first site. Also we have found the staff very responsive when requesting product upgrades and on the rare occasions we have needed other assistance. Superb product, excellent value for money (just compare it with content management products at many times the price!).

  • This is by far the most complete and flexible content manager out there. They also have one of the best support that you can think of.

  • Article Manager has been a tremendous blessing to me. For years I've dreamed of putting our company, Children Come First, online but as an educational nonprofit we just didn't have the $$$ to pay for the type of site we envisioned: an interactive, frequently updated, nice, professional looking site. I also know very, very little HTML so that didn't help. Article Manager has enabled me to single handedly manage not just the site but actually 3 others we've put AM on. This program is a beauty and you guys are to be commended for putting out such high end program at such a low end price.

  • We have used Article Manager to create our first dynamic magazine for a customer. It has been so easy and impressive that we decided to insert your software in the Content Management training course financed by the European Community in Italy. So in a few months we will have at least 20 young people that will love this solution as we did!

  • The software is phenominal, and makes our lives so much easier. Some of the features that come with it, such as search or the webfeed generator, we hadn't planned on using, but they're so easy to integrate and make a huge difference to our site. The software has already truly saved us hours and hours of work. Your technical support is friendly, easy to get in touch with, and very very patient. Kudos. just made every aspect of the installation of this software easy for me. The program has worked flawlessly thusfar. Thanks!!