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  • I installed on my localhost using WordPress 3.6 - ran into problems. 1.) After activation of the plugin, the page/post edit screen lost all its meta boxes with the exception of the visual editor and DM Gallery. 2.) Could not get the gallery to display images - was getting the default error image, though clicking the error image did show my image in a lightbox, and the image meta was intact and displayed in both the lightbox and in the gallery on thepage. 3.) Admin settings auto filled with C://\uploads\ Notice the confused slashes. How did the author set this up. Should it be: or c:\\wp-content\uploads... I edited the paths in the plugin's admin settings to reflect - The whole shebang went belly up. Deactivating the plugin solved the problem. This plugin has some great potential. It has some stellar features, such as image upload (although it appears to be Flash based), image sorting, and image meta editing (titles/descriptions/links). The gallery display is very functional too. It has a main image with thumbs below. When thumbs overflow the horizontal width, scroll arrows appear to allow thumb scrolling. Adding a gallery to a post or page is easy with the plugins built in shortcode generator, just press Insert and the shortcode is added. I looked through the code and found it to be very tidy and well coded. I wish the author would provide a demo or screenshots. I spent about five minutes looking through the authors site, but found none such.

  • no website for additional listing