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Reviews for Listing - Password Manager by i2-Services, Inc.
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Best There Is! This is the only one I recommend! Reviewed by Anonymous on Sat, 13th August 2005

Rating: 5 - Excellent

I maintain an Alumni web site with over 270 users. The majority of our web directories/folders with over 2,000 web pages, are in protected areas. I use Password Manager to secure these directories/folders. Password Manager is excellent. I highly recommend it and wouldn't recommend any other one!
After thoroughly researching for a good password script to protect our web pages, I first bought the 1x version almost 2 years ago. I upgraded to the 2.0 version in January and can't believe all the improvements that were made. So much easier to use and lots of additions. It's worth every penny and more and I see right now the price is only $99 at cgi-world's web site.
I've sent many messages to their support department and always get prompt replies and answers to my questions. Phone support is great!
Easy to install and if you don't want to install it yourself then it comes with free installation.
Simple to setup using the menu driven admin pages. You can customize the html pages to look like your web site design or use the default pages. It's simple to link to you current site pages. There's to many great things you can do with PM 2.0 to even start listing them here. I'd suggest going to and finding out all that this program will do.

Have tried them all, this one is simply the best out there. Reviewed by Anonymous on Tue, 14th June 2005

Rating: 5 - Excellent

First off, their technical support/Install team is top notch. Where else does your purchase price also include installation? No waiting on the phone with these guys, no unanswered emails, I have a request and it is answered immediately. Truly top notch service.

That being said, this program does what it says it does. We work with models developing pay website that are paypal payment subscription based. We have had no problems with this program. If you are developer, I would suggest ordering three or more at a time and taking advantage of their discounts.

Wish I could go into the technical aspect of this program, but I can not, that is above me. However, that in and of itself is a good thing, this program works without requiring a Comp Engineering degree!

Well worth the money Reviewed by Anonymous on Fri, 30th November 2001

Rating: 5 - Excellent

I've been using Password Manager the last 18 months or so. It has proven to be an invaluable tool for managing my membership areas of my site.

I highly recommend this script for anyone who wants a reliable program and top quality customer service to boot.