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  • Like Magento, Drupal, Prestashop, too much size for a shop online TOO HEAVY FOR SERVERS

  • I had open cart installed before but the new release of abante cart 1.2 which took and stole my love. this new release of abante cart is all i can ask for now in ecommerce system. waiting your next release abante cart team. thanks

  • This is definitely the best free shopping cart on the market. Compare to other shopping carts I used Abantecart team demonstrated exceptional work quality. I can not believe it is free

  • I use AbanteCart for a few months. My experience is rather pleasant. It is easy to set up and manage it. There are much more features in comparing with other shopping carts. Plus it is free shopping cart. Extension store has lots of usefull extentions like templates, shipping, payment. Installation of extensions is not difficult and many of them are free of charge.

  • I am new user of shopping cart user. I was concerned about the security of using VISA/MASTER CARD to pay for the product. I’ve bought the Extension. It’s ideal variant!

  • There seems to be trouble around every corner with this cart.. I was quite enthusiastic when I first started out only to be frustrated at every step. Needs a good scrubbing and hard retesting.dhb

  • Wow! Abante Cart is really a catch! What a nice experience it was for me. I mean, to have all these features so direct, so quick and easy was really essential for my website. I was able to add some features and a cart to my website in no time. The website offers a great UI, 100% security and a fantastic layout. The tools will pretty much satisfy even the toughest customers, because they have been constructed out of passion and devotion from the IT experts. Plus it's open source. What else can I say... 5 stars from me, highly recommended.

  • I am actually very happy with with this application. Many features and I see this project to take off and become popular.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend