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Would you buy this? Take care Verified

Reviewed by Paul on Mon, 23rd November 2015
Rating: 1 - Poor

1. Google and Bing wont find or index the script. 2 Many things in the version you but do not work. 3. They dont read your support requests and dont reply to many items. 4 Longest I had to wait for a support reply was 10 weeks after which time I did not get any reply and deleted the script. 5 They were known as Easy Real Estate Script before but go so many bad reviews they changed the name.6. On their web site they say We give no warranty or guarantee for the program. (Which basically means it doesn't work) 7. They hide all owners details on whois. 8. They hide behind an e mail relay service so their ip changes all the time so you cannot track them ( 9. The scrip falls over all the time due to their cache system which means you cannot update in real time without constantly refreshing the database I(and they said the script would run fine on my dedicated server before I bought the script). 10. You are invoiced by a non existent company in Singapore which then charges your card in Hong Kong. (The words money laundering come to mind)11. Their so called sale and support team (could easily be just one person) are based in USA. 12. Is this a case of internet fraud? Well lets find out when i send complaints to Singapore, Hong Kong and FBI Internet Fraud offices. 12. Don't believe the good reviews. They post these themselves. 13. Their "development team" is a guy in Russia who wrote the script. 14. The coding and programming is full of holes and a security risk for payments. 15. It is total rubbish to beware.

slow script - poor customer service.

Reviewed by Sjaak on Fri, 8th March 2013
Rating: 1 - Poor

I was looking for a property script that would work & load fast. Steps involved in purchasing script: They first ask you to upload a phpinfo file to find out if your server can handle the script. All was well in my case and server was fine. They then installed the script. Once loaded I noticed that it took at least 25 seconds to load any page. Which in my opinion is way too long. I requested them to look at this and their response was that my server company was over selling. I own a hosting company and I can assure you we are not. After my response I heard nothing back from them. I was interested in buying their car script as well but have decided not to use them for the above mentioned reason. I had a php expert look at the script and he was not too impressed, the reason the site loaded slow was because of 3 files: system_function.php system_function_initialize.php system_site_loadcache.php as these files are all encrypted there is no way of properly finding out what could be done to improve the speed of this site. All in all if you are looking for a script that looks nice but works slow, then surely use this one. Just keep in mind that once you paid for the script, you will not receive any help from that point onwards and if you google it you'll find out that I am not the only one.

Everything was done even before deadline with minimal amount things to be changed Verified

Reviewed by Anonymous on Thu, 6th September 2012
Rating: 5 - Excellent

Hi Mike! Just wanted to express my gratitude once more for doing a great job. That design you made was just what I imagined, it's like you could see in my mind. Everything was done even before deadline with minimal amount things to be changed. Communication we had was more than great. Exchanging ideas with you while progressing towards our common goal was kind of fun. You are a true professional. If I needed anything like this in future I'll sure come to you again and I will recommend you to all my friends. I can see great future ahead of you. Keep up the good work.

The final outcome were a happy customer (me) and a professional site that has all the features I wan Verified

Reviewed by Anonymous on Fri, 13th April 2012
Rating: 5 - Excellent

I had a poor expirience with a previous web designer, so I needed another one. After using Google for a while, Mike's name come up so I gave him a call. He was, unlike his predecessor, helpful, responsive, dedicated and enthusiastic. It was a true joy working with him, the attention to details and dedication that he shows is very impressive... Even his initial draft almost ticked all the right boxes! Nothing has ever been too much trouble for him, so the final outcome were a happy customer (me) and a professional site that has all the features I wanted.

Mike and team have my sincere gratitude and recommendations, definitely worth my money.

Reviewed by Anonymous on Mon, 26th March 2012
Rating: 5 - Excellent

My site was created back in 2006 and it needed a revamp. It looked outdated and needed to be refreshed. It also needed to catch up with technology progress. Mike used some fresh colors to revitalize the design a bit and updated it to support all contemporary features. He was happy to listen to my ideas and suggestions, and did a great job creating a site that fulfills my needs perfectly, presents my services in a professional way and creates a user friendly environment. I'm very glad that he was my choice. He has my sincere gratitude and recommendations, definitely worth my money.

I'm sure I would hire Mike on any future projects.

Reviewed by Anonymous on Sat, 25th February 2012
Rating: 5 - Excellent

Friend of mine recommended me Mike as I needed design for my page done fast and clean. At first I was unsure about Mike but decided to give it a try. After initial contact my opinion changed. He sounded so confident and profession. He took all my ideas into consideration while adding some of its own. We continued working together communicating regularly trough the whole project. I don't have to add that project was done right on schedule with more than satisfying results. Now my page is much better looking than my last one with more functionalities and easier maintenance. Worth every penny. Seems my starting skepticism was unjustified. I'm sure I would hire Mike on any future projects.

I’m totally delighted by the work Mike did on my website.

Reviewed by Anonymous on Fri, 27th January 2012
Rating: 5 - Excellent

Just a few words on Mike’s work. If you want a pro that will turn your site into a piece of art, choose him. Do it even If you only need some minor changes, like living it up by using fresh colors or something like that. I’m totally delighted by the work he did on my website, his communicability, talent, ideas, everything. I knew that the design was important to attract public, but not that much – ever since the new version of my site went live, traffic on my site was growing and it has doubled compared to my old design. Mike, thank you for what you did for me and my site!