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  • Nucleus CMS is not particularly sexy. Nor is it packed with features that are shining but that nobody uses anyway... I use it for several blogs (yes, it's dedicated to BLOGGING), many of them are multiblog (integrated feature. No need for a complex manipulation: Wordpress users, you hear that?). It's FAST. After using wordpress, Dotclear and Serendipity, Nucleus is the FASTEST to load and pages are generated at the speed of light. It's PRODUCTIVE. As if you were in a wiki, you can add or edit a post directly from the interface of your blog. It's COMPREHENSIVE. I'm no technician... But I managed to personalize my blogs very easily. The template system is very simple to understand and to use. It's DOCUMENTED. It has a strong COMMUNITY: the forum users are always answering fast and efficiently. Not so great: lack of "new" plugins. All of them work fine, but I used to doubt their future. Lack of more modern skins... Although you can personalize them easily, don't forget Nucleus is focused on CONTENT. The appearance is secondary: it's good, but a bit old fashioned. I fell in love with this CMS after 2 days of trying it. I migrated all of my sites into Nucleus.

  • I run a weblog at my own site and publish once a week. Now I've set up a Nucleus for a customer 75 years old, and he is happy that now he can publish whenever he wants. I find Nucleus easy to maintain and set up and love all the skins and possibilies to customize with the plugins. I guess there is a skin for every taste, and if it doesn't match exat, you can even customize the skin.

  • I've tried several blogs and not been happy with any until I found this. It's lightweight, neat, very professional and the skinning system is a joy to use. The plugins that are available work well but I feel the power of the plugin architecture is not yet being used to it's full potential. However being an open source developer myself makes me appreciate this work of art even more. Well done!

  • This is just what I was looking for my blog site. The best aspect is the easy to use template system. If you know a HTML and CSS, then it's easy to intergrate into your site. You can set up up more than one blog onto one database, which is great. Highly Recommended!

  • If you are looking for a php based content management tool, this is one of the best (if not THE best). I remember looking it up last year and within a week of usage,I had written three plugins without knowing php.Yup,writing a plugin for nucleus is that easy. The best feature of nucleus is undoubtedly the excellent event based plugin system using which you can extend it in any way you want.Couple this with an excellent skin/template system and excellent support at the forum,you have a winner!

  • I've looked at at least a dozen blog apps over the last week--Nucleus is far superior. It gives the webmaster tremendous power over the presentation of his blogs. Nucleus contains a robust control panel and admin area, allows multiple authors, security, formatting control, archiving, and more. It's free (many people make a small Paypal donation, they like Nucleus so much) and the support forums and instruction manual are superb!

  • Simply the BEST blog app I've tried. It has a solid template-plugin system, it's fully Object-Oriented, it's free from unnecessary features. And it's powerful.

  • This is an extremely high-quality script. The template and skinning system is easy to work with and highly customizable. It's a great way to integrate a blog (or multiple blogs) into a site. The blogger import worked wonderfully. I now have all the past blogs I made with blogger archived and ready for keyword searches. There are no bugs that I have seen. Managing multiple blogs and team blogs is simple and secure. I run a full featured game site ( with it and I have a team blog and a blog for links to recent reviews (both displayed on the main page) and seperate blogs for each editor's column running with this system and I can control everything from one app. Editors only see their own blogs or the team blog and can't mess with others. If you want to expand your site to multiple people, you'll like this script. Anyone with decent HTML experience can do wonders with this and many newbies will be able to handle it too. The best thing is the support on . You'll usually get a reply directly from the developer (karma) and he's answered every question I've had quickly and thoroughly. If you want to take a weblog site to the next level then this is the script for you.

  • I have explored almost all weblog systems to date: Greymatter, Movable Type (Perl implementations) as well as B2 and countless other PHP/MySQL systems including Drupal, PhpMyWebsite, PHP Nuke and others.
    Nucleus is superior to most because it implements a clean class structure and templating system. When you need to add additional pages to your site (beyond the weblog index), you will come to appreciate the separation of presentation (HTML) from the programming layer.