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  • I was looking for a means to automatically capture religious services and put it online for later listening by the elderly or absent using an underutilized internet connection. I've got some additional scripts running on the back end so that it clears older material and leaves only services from the last couple of weeks. Otherwise the screen could start to look "busy". My only complaint is that the logout button is at the bottom of the page. I think it's fairly straight forward for end users.

  • First I figured I would try kPlaylist. I uploaded a single song to test it out, then a couple, then at the end of the week ended up with over 41 Genres, 219 Artists, 134 albums, and over 800 Songs! Thats 3.2 days worth of music. I gave a bunch of people access and they started lisening away with the streaming option. I turned downloading off to make sure things stay legal. I just love this handly little script. I rate it 5/5 for sure. I reccommend you give it a try. Note:*ALL MY MUSIC WAS LEGAL