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  • This is really nice. good concept

  • I have been using JamRoom for 4 years for my mobile app back end system, honestly is the best very simple to use. the support is very good development team listen to their community and constant updates

  • using Jamroom a view years know, been through some major script upgrades. Overall, great product suits our niche. the best on Jamroom is the support team, allays responsive and helpfull.

  • I migrated from Ning over 2 years ago and right from the start, the Jamroom team made easy and the customer service is second to none. The platform is very flexible, and custom work is available. My site was very complicated, and I found working with the Jamroom team easy and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Jamroom to anyone!

  • I migrated my site from Ning to Jamroom over a year ago and haven't looked back since. The feature set and support are second to none. The power and adaptability of the Jamroom platform far exceeds that of its competitors. Unreservedly recommended!!!

  • I've been using Jamroom for over 10 years now and it just keeps getting better. The team is constantly improving and refining Jamroom. I struggled a bit when I was first learning Jamroom, since it takes a bit for things to click with me, but I'm really glad I stuck with it as I feel like now I can pretty much do whatever I want. jrCore_list rules!

  • One month on Jamroom and I wonder why I wasn't brave enough to jump here earlier. It's easy to create your first website here, even if you are a non-coder. You can use their themes, you can build your site as you like. The access to the whole documentation and files give you more freedom to work on your site. The support team is excellent. They answer to each of your silly questions, they help you to solve your problems (I just wonder when they find time to make the site more and more awesome). Modules are improved almost daily. Don't hesitate, use Jamroom.

  • As a used-to-be Ning customer (nearly 5 years on Ning 2.0, with wasted hundreds of hours invested into sandbox Ning 3.0), one of many who have migrated their platforms from Ning to Jamroom, I join the parade of satisfied JamRoom customers. An authentic community requires genuinely decent people with a passion for their work. JamRoom fits this to a T. Smart, they have cultivated a thriving JamRoom support forum, where specific, immediately implementable suggestions are provided by fellow JamRoom users as well as by JamRoom support folks. Learning my way around JamRoom's system has been (and continues to be) a somewhat steep learning curve. However, the flexibility provided by the JamRoom system is hands over fists better than what Ning provides. We explored (in reasonable depth) three other platforms before choosing JamRoom. After less than one month live on JamRoom, I am already noticing a handful of ways in which JamRoom saves me time, makes my daily tasks FUN instead of frustrating. Can you say that about your current platform? Know your needs/wishes. Do your research. I hope you'll join the JamRoom community soon, Holly (signed with a Cheshire Cat grin of satisfaction)

  • I was a Ning customer for 10 years but had to migrate off their dying platform. Jamroom was a great alternative and the paid support is affordable AND top notch!

  • After looking over many platforms for social media, I decided on Jamroom. Their platform is very flexible and customizable. The Jamroom service is outstanding and they always get back to you in most cases within hours. The Jamroom guys are helpful and patient with special needs. Also a great value if you use their hosting service. A great choice for anyone.

  • Jamroom is a very flexible CMS. You can do everything with almost. I use it since 2005 and I have not left. I love it.!

  • Having used many scripts over the past 15 years I can with good confidence highly recommend Jamroom. Whilst the 'out of the box' experience may not be the easiest, don't let this put you off. Once you start to realise how Jamroom works you begin to understand how flexible it really is. Blisteringly fast, best support available, by far best in class pricing, so what are you waiting for download it today and get started on your next project. You won't regret it! You can't go far wrong with Jamroom hosting either, totally optimised for jamroom, and not to mention that every premium module and skin is free the housing packages.

  • Jamroom is one of the best CMS systems out there. You'd be hard pressed to find another system with all the features that Jamroom has to offer. I've been using Jamroom for awhile and it has been a pleasure to use. I used Wordpress for awhile and didn't find the system user friendly at all. Plus with Wordpress I had to purchase a lot of plugins from 3rd party developers. I had no idea if the 3rd party developer updated their plugins for Wordpress. One of my sites got hacked because of an outdated plugin. Try Jamroom out, you won't be disappointed.

  • I have used Jamroom for at least 10 years. I have customized it for a few different sites so it is extremely versatile. With the available plugins it is easy to add a variety of options like social media signups and post as well as e-commerce. SEO features are built in so you are already ahead of the game. Add top notch support and you have a winning combination.

  • I moved a NING social network to Jamroom about 1.5 years ago and only wish I had done it years sooner! Today I have several Jamroom sites as I have moved my sites from other platforms to JR. NOW I am able to engage my site visitors with every form of media possible hosted from my own server. The Skins and Layouts are quick and responsive. With Jamroom ANYTHING seems possible! I like that Jamroom is geared to both the beginner with the JR Site Builder module and the professional with template coding and custom module construction. Best of all is the Support Forum where answers to questions usually come in MINUTES and are detailed and concise. If you are looking for a powerful platform to build your next website on I suggest you download the FREE version of Jamroom and give it a try

  • We create learning resources as part of our work at UWE Bristol library. These are all authored and published by non-technical librarians using Jamroom. When we need new features our web developer can add them quickly and reliably due to the extensible module system and clear code. This has transformed our workflow, raised the quality of our learning materials and put us in control of our publishing. Highly recommended!

  • Jamroom is completely customizable and is incredibly powerful. I'm not a coder but with JR's amazing support Team lending a hand whenever needed I built and now run my network site in ways I never thought possible. Their affordable all-inclusive hosting plans with premium support are the icing on the cake. I've been on Jamroom for a year and a half now. It just gets better and better every week- simply the best. And there is no better support team ANYWHERE. 6 stars!

  • Easy installation and great media features for a music themed website.

  • Have been using this script for a brief period and have found it to be easy to set up and use, with an excellent support team. You can see there script in operation here:

  • Building a Social Network with Jamroom now ( first time user) and I am learning it has endless possibilities which I am very excited about- Support is second to none in the forum and help tickets. friendly helpful answers ALWAYS arrive in minutes!

  • One thing that is very morally devastating is that you cannot register FREE customers without paying 15 dollars per month to do so. You cannot give free full quota to your customers but you have pay 15 dollars every month to do so.

  • Unfortunately we don't know what you mean - Jamroom is free - there are ZERO monthly costs for Jamroom. We do offer monthly subscriptions for those users that want priority support, but there are no monthly costs for Jamroom. Jamroom is open source (MPL). Maybe you have confused Jamroom with another script?

  • Jamroom was been the basis of an online business of mine prior to their recent rewrite. After the rewrite I'm considering using them for all sorts of web apps. They've created a highly modular system and their quick support is always helpful.

  • Jamroom is FREE & its the future of web design! Hands down the best CMS system out today and growing faster with 3rd party developers! Once you learn this style of web design you will use it for anything you can dream up!

  • The software itself is packed to the gills with functionality... I've used it for years and the newest version is absolutely phenomenal. The ability to customize is limitless, the Jamroom community is awesome and the support is second to none... REALLY! If it wasn't, I wouldn't still be using this software 7 years later!!!

  • I have been using Jamroom for years and will continue to do so, great script with all the bells and whistles and awesome support.

  • While Jamroom is well known as the top music social network CMS (I've run a couple music networks on jamroom for years), with the newly re-written Jamroom 5 I'm using it as the foundation for all kinds of websites, from blogs with a little more media muscle to video sharing communities and even business industry portals. Jamroom 5 is a web developers dream. The support is second to none as well.

  • Support is great on the forum or with premium support via subscription. Documentation is good and the code is well organised and readable. It is very, very flexible and can be used for many types of site. In terms of customisation possibilities, it is absolutely the best. Jamroom is a great platform. I give it my wholehearted recommendation.

  • We are moving from a Joomla based Band Website to Jamroom 5 and are not looking back. The product, Add-ons and incredible support make this software a leader in it's field and is so simple to use but very powerful. Any questions you have are dealt with very quickly and going forward this software can only get better. Thanks everyone at for a great product and great service!