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  • WebAPP from org s not just a cheap imitation of the original script from but is actually a living hazard, I for one rather install a virus on my system than even touch this cms: CVE-2007-1832.html t/3829/?task=statistics Do NOT compromise, get the original, safe and updated version (1.0) from the original vendor at Thank you WebAPP

  • WebAPP includes a security bulletin iframe in the admin panel of most recent versions. This gets the word out on updates before telling those who would try exploits. Some people have been working very hard on WebAPP's core code for the past 3 years and have brought it to a point where it is a lot easier to work with. Still more to do, but now it is better than the old funky code that was so hard to read much less improve upon. These people deserve a lot of thanks and praise for a job well done.

  • I tried this script from and was surprised to learn that it is a simply copy of the work made by the team at I was also suprised to learn that it was added a spyware at the allowing the vendor collecting information about the users who installed it without their permission. I am suprised that hotscripts allows them advertizing the script here. This spyware is not added to the original script from Jimmy

  • I tried this software, and a competing fork of the same oss called webapp NE. Both were great, but this one has a user group that really blew me away, while the other one attacked me for asking questions and then sent one of their members to harass me on my site. The feature-set is huge, and the flat-file database makes it ridiculously simple to back up and move around. Can't say enough good things about Web-App!

  • WebAPP is a very powerful, feature rich, perl portal. It uses a flat file database structure so no need for MySQL. The Web automated administration makes upkeeping the Website a breeze. The group of volunteers that work on this project are the best. The support is unmatched by anyone or anything on the Web. I reccomend this for everyone from the novice to the expert.

  • WebAPP's owner, Carter Brown, allows and condones hackers to break into the sites of webAPP users. 3 sites were attacked in the last round via 3 moderators on the website, and the owner didn't care. You use WebAPP at your own risk.

  • After spending over 5 hours messing about with WebAPP I have come to the conclusion that it just isn't worth the trouble. It seems like it is a fantastic forum come complete website if you can actually get it working OK. I had to mess with the script several times to get it to install. There are no help files or READ ME instructions. Lots of editing and re configuring and I find the Poll doesn't work so knowing a bit about these things I dive straight in by FTP and change the questions manually. Changing the settings and getting things to work is all trial and error. I tried several skins without much success and again, to change the templates I had to FTP manually to get anything working. Finally, I get the forums up and running, add in different left and right sections and then what? The Articles will not post. They do not appear although they preview and seem to have posted. I know when I am beat. I'm going to download phpBB. Great Install and up and running in 15 minutes. It's such shame this one is so buggy and without any READ ME file or explanation for the problems and parts of the scripts that just don't seem to want to work. Good luck with it - You'll need it.

  • I am new to Perl and CGI script but manage a family domain. WebAPP was easy to set up yet powerful in it's features. It is well supported and documented. Thanks to all the WebAPP programmers!

  • Web-App is and excellent script.Why?Because it does not require database, is very flexible, you can run multiple sites with the same database and structure.Behind the script is a great community where you can get help in ANY issues about web-app. If you are an user looking for a cool,fast web portal (perl powered) than Web-App is the one!

  • WebApp is easy to install, has lots of mods and hacks to suit the needs of virtually any site, lots of community support. It's just a really great script. Far better than any other I've used.

  • Great script, tremendous support, awesome community. No sql required and runs on just about any *nix box. Perfect for most user needs. Caution, may become habit forming!

  • I was having so many little scripts installed on my server and now with WebbApp i have all in one and i personaly thin it is best perl portal i have ever seen, plus it's FREE and have built so frindly community in support forums that you simply can't find any dificultys about anything that you need regarding this script. I would personaly RECOMEND WebbApp to everyone!

  • I've spent weeks looking for the right portal system to run my site trying several of the big name software packages out there like Slash, PHP Nuke, Metadot and others. By far WebAPP was the best software that I found with great flexibility and an incredibly community which is key for getting support and for continual creation of new features.