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  • As soon as this crook (Rick Jacobson from "AdvanDate") gets a negative comment he writes 3 (!) positive reviews about himself to bury the negative comment. Proof: He wrote all these comments on the same day. AdvanDate is a scam that should be avoided at all costs. He speaks with his clients rudely and hates all of them. He states that all negative comments come from competition while ALL of the negative comments found on TrustPilot either have the "Verified order" badge (proof: or have been reported by Rick Jacobson as "this is not a client" and then republished by TrustPilot after checking the review and contacting the customer and finding out he REALLY spoke with Rick Jacobson as in the case of this review AdvanDate should be avoided at all costs. And I am not talking about the quality of the software now which is low, but about the personality of this person and his hatred towards everyone.