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  • An excellent poll/survey script in my opinion. Once the initial parameters have been set, it's fairly easy to use too. I like the way it allows you to set the polls up any way you like - rather than forcing a specific design like many other polls do. Other noteworthy features: It can support unlimited polls all using the one script. You can add an optional comments/email box, and it will record people's messages along with the votes - very handy. Radio button support, with an optional setting on whether the results will be listed in order; or whether the highest votes will go to the top... and my fave: checkboxes - so people can select more than option. The only things it really lacks are 'dropdown menu' support and sorting for the 'average score' option (which are now apparently both on the features list) - but all in all, a brilliant poll with a useful support forum too, and one I would personally recommend (after looking for a decent poll script for ages!)