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  • All these reviews are about 11 years old. Back then, Listmessenger was the bees knees. But then the developer stopped developing and support disappeared and now Listmessenger is just tired and needs to be put out of its misery. Don't buy.

  • The only thing that "works" simple and easy is the installation. The I tried to subscribe and surprise: ERROR: email already exists (new fresh install) and to be clear was not my setup email. So I tried to unsubscribe: ERROR: email is not in our database. Well make up your mind is it in subscribed or not

  • The script did not function, error after error. Contacted the support and posted in their forum but all negative messages are always deleted. It has been 4 months and am still waiting for support...

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • I tested out the demo and everything worked fine, The features are great so I thought: a done deal. I purchased the script but several features did not work so I created a thread in the forum and contacted the developer. After a months still no reply whatsoever so I started to look more closely at the forum and saw that there are a lot of threads unanswered. I concluded that the script has great potential but due to the disinterest of the developer it's not stable enough to use in a business environment. I am now using a different product and I am fine what that.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Easy installation. easy to use.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Used to work just fine but many people are getting a "Could not instantiate mail function" error which developers seem uninterested in fixing.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Took me about 20 minutes to setup and send my first newsletter. Everything went very easily. Noticed a VERY SMALL bug when exporting lists in IE8 (worked fine in Firefox) which I posted on their forum. I'm quite impressed with the depth of this script for the price I paid. I only have 200 subscribers and it takes care of that very easily and quickly. I'm quite pleased with it!!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Installed in 5 minutes flat, easy configuration, import email addresses is fool proof and the template system is a cinch. The software just works right out of the box and we are on a shared hosting plan. Sending our newsletters has never felt better :-)

  • The reviews here prompted me to try ListMessenger Pro, and I'm absolutely delighted with its ease of use and functionality. The author provides a clear and detailed help guide, but the web-based interface is so well thought out that I barely needed to refer to the guide. Installation was a breeze, since I didn't have to do it myself... Matt did this for me at no extra charge. I can't recommend this script highly enough - it's a joy to configure and does everything I want and more.

  • I just upgraded to the latest version 2.1.0 and it was the easiest upgrade I've ever done. The reason for upgrading was primarily because it was taking me forever to delete bounced emails from the system but with the new version they have incorporated a "bulk delete" function...brilliant. In addition to the multiple new features in the new version, the script seems to run a lot quicker and smoother than before...which can only be put down to very clean coding. I highly recommend.

  • I tried a number of scripts before this one and at last my search is over. It is a great price and does everything you need a mailing list to do, and some. The admin panel is so easy to use with search facilities, templates and an archive of sent messages to name a few. The front end of things for the user is easily placed into your own html page and can be as simple or feature packed as you like. A simply excellent script. Thanks.

  • I've been successfully using ListMessenger Pro 1 for three years, without one glitch. I recently upgraded to Version 2. Wow, a great program is now even better! It has an excellent interface, outstanding help files and is easy to use. I particularly like that I can quickly add custom fields to the subscribe form. The developer is helpful and responsive should you ever need to contact him and the support forums are a big help too. Without hesitation, I highly recommend this program!

  • Just a quick thank you the Matt and his small team for the constant improvements and updates to List Messenger. I have been using LM (List Messenger) since it was born, well almost, and have now paid and got the new version running. Easy to install, easy to use, and to be honest, this just knocks the socks away from other mailing list managers that I have tried/seen. No doubt that as time goes on, I will get get questions, but I know that Matt and Erik, not to mention Eric will be around to help as they can. Thumbs up to ListMessenger.

  • Easy to install. Easy to use. Beautiful interface. Super friendly support on the website. The free version is feature-rich and the paid version even better and worth every penny. The free version can even be used for commercial apps!

  • this is soo beatifull and coool

  • Can't believe how great this is. Easy to set up, easy to modify, better results than the commercial scripts I have, and way better than I could do myself. My clients are happy, and I'm happy!

  • Clean user interface - one look and you'll know that developing the code is just 1/2 of the pie, the other half is the site design (which is often overlooked by most developers). If you know HTML, you can create your own template and copy-and-paste it to the form that's provided. Just don't forget to hotlink the images or upload them directly to the server. What I like about ListMessenger is that the template is separate from the message body. You see, my client is not a techie and needs a mailing list that will allow him to send HTML mail. I create the templates (based on his specifications) and all he has to do is pick a template from the drop-down list, writes his message, preview it and sends it to his subscribers. It's that easy - no need for him to worry about knowing any HTML. For web developers: You can use ListMessenger for your clients' mailing list needs and just bill them for the template design.

  • Recently I searched for the PHP mail-list manager. I have touched about 10 various variants, and have stopped on Listmessenger. Certainly, there are some commercial programs which better functionality. But their cost is unacceptable for me. On the other hand, there are also free alternatives, but the html-design of them leaves heavy impression, and process of installation strongly reminds shamanism. Listmessenger has all necessary opportunities for the mail-list manager, and thus it is rather simple in installation and have not more bugs :). ¬esides at it rather pleasant user interface... IMHO, is an excellent program.