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  • This program as is - is worthless. You can achieve the same thing by making a simple HTML file with thumbnails on it that are linked to bigger pictures. To make spgm somewhat useful you need to download a 3rd party application called sgpmAdmin, which supposedly works with spgm to make thumbnails, folders, etc. But it doesn't work. When spgm updates, spgmAdmin doesn't know and doesn't update also. Spgm should have been designed with an admin section from the start by the same person who made spgm.

  • I had been looking for something to present a slide show or picture album on my website with no success. Nothing suited me until I investigated PHP and then found SPGM. It can be used "as is" with just a little but of configuring. No PHP knowledge required! But it can also be customized to fit into the design of your site--though you should know a bit more about HTML, CSS and PHP before you try this part You must generate your own thiumbnails, which I had already done anyway. And it seems clunky at first to have to include your captions in comment files. But in doing this and other customization I realized that this is a really simple thing to do and makes changes quite easy. Let's just say that SPGM works the way I think so I find it very usable. Your mileage may vary.