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  • E107 was once great, easy to work with and had a good community. Now it's a JOKE!!!! All communications and support have been shut off. I do a search for help on E107, and ALL searches take me to the main page. No longer to the great forum and community that once was. OLD users are left high and dry. The remnants of a forum are left read-only, IF you can even find it. No other way to get support. I picture lemmings, falling off a cliff. I was one of them..... I wasted 10 years learning and using E107. Following it. Contributing. Now, all previous support, community, etc.. is GONE. RUN from this CMS and don't look back. Patterns are called patterns for a reason. It will happen again to this new version as long as it's run the same way as it always has been. E107 may look good up front, but the wizards behind the curtain are idiots. They've destroyed a community., removed support, and ignore any communication. RUN!!! There were signs, I just didn't want to see it. Great support was replaced by silence. Or Sarcastic help that drove users away in droves. More and more of the good moving on.... I should have seen it coming..... Look at the team size!!! Almost nothing now, where once it was full of smart, energetic and communicative programmers. I HATE I wasted so much learning this, only to be sent to a dead end. Seems they want to forget about the OLD versions and community and start fresh. Maybe let someone else do Support and just slowly make a new version. Yet they still look for donations, without supplying the long term help. I hate to watch this epic fail in progress. I wish I could buy this so-called "e107, Inc" and run it like a business SHOULD be run. But I am afraid it's too late. Time to move on. But it's so aggravating. In the RIGHT hands, this CMS HAD amazing potential. That's what hurts.

  • e107 is perhaps my favorite CMS. Incredibly easy to use, and so many features "out of the box" (you do not need to download/install modules or plugins for those features). But that's where e107 starts to stumble. There are shockingly few plugins, modules, themes out there. So if you're happy with what you get "out of the box" great, but if you want to customize and expand, it becomes difficult. I have no idea why it's not more popular or more people aren't developing plugins/themes for it.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Forget about Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and the rest. This is the mother of all CMSs. Easy just like a Mac. It installs like a charm. There is no learning curve of any sort, just a straight path to site creation. you will be up a running in 10 minutes. This script is mature and let me tell you, this is like a turnkey website, all you have to do is choose what goes on the page. $200 would have been a breeze to pay for such script. Go get it and make a donation FAST!

  • I had been looking for a good CMS for some time and was recommended e107 by a few friends. I had been using asp /ms access and wanted to change to php /mysql. I still use both but the e107 system was extremely easy to setup and I have had no problems installing. Plenty of themes to choose from and a great selection of plugins. So far all is working well with seriuosly - no glitches.

  • I've spent weeks playing with different portals, forums and php/mysql scripts, but this one is the absolute best I've found. It's really easy to set up (even as a subdirectory) and it's a ton of fun to play with. The features and plugins are easy install, too. Once installed, plan on spending a lot of time in your new playground, because there's a lot to it!

  • This is by far the best CMS program I've ever seen or used. It is very flexible and easy to use. I've tried other CMS programs and none have ever been as easy to use as this one. And it gets even better. They have thousands of plugins and themes! I'd recommend this above all the other CMS programs.

  • Absolutely amazing. So easy to setup, I installed MySQL in five minutes on an NT4 server and e107 a few minutes later. I now have multiple installations for virtual servers. Its amazing. I tried loads of others from the different CMS review sites and e107 won everytime. a big 5star+

  • Having tried a number of highly popular portal systems, I found using e107 the simplest by far. It installed in a breeze. Obviously all the others were great if you have a good understanding of php, however as a newbie; though do have excellent html skills, even adding logo's were a painful mission to find out to do. e107 IMO opinion is a very good portal system for any newbie webmasters looking to upgrade their static site to a dynamic php minus the headaches.

  • e107's ease of installation and of use combined with the near effortless incorporation of enhancement programs (plugins) via the plugin commander help it to stand out from other cms programs. It is by far one of the best cms program on the market today requiring no knowledge of coding to install and run it but providing a superb foundation upon which a knowledgeble coder could incorporate unique enhancements.

  • Speaking from a users point of view, I would have to say that this is magnificant system. It's easy to post news/make polls/make forums and what not. I've tried many other similiar system and even tried to skin a few of them. I've found this one the easiest the theme, and to theme it in detail. And since the intoduction of 0.6 everything is made easier AND better. It should also be noted that this website system must have the most friendly/active user community I have ever seen.

  • Well, I have been there and back. I have dowloaded just about every FREE CMS that you could find and I have tried them all. Forget PostNuke, and all the others. Download e107, upload via FTP, run install.php, = new website quick and fast. e107 must have the esiest installation setup out there. No problems. Help all the way through instalation. Support for free 24/7. e107 is the best for sure. Fantastic program. e107 is a little gem that comes around once in a millenium. Go get it now!

  • e107 is without a doubt the best PHP/MySQL portal system I've seen. I run my whole site on it, and the only problems I've encountered have been ones caused by my failure to read instructions! e107 is easy to install, reliable, customisable and absolutely packed with features. Additional functionality can be added using the many plugins and themes available. The e107 community is responsive, helpful and very tolerant of newbies!

  • It should be noted that users can not login using e107 with the IIS server. The problem seems to lye with the way IIS accepts the HHTp headers. Without the ability to login the portal is useless.

  • This has the nicest design of any of the cms that I have tried in the last few years. The administrative interface is very intuitive. I think even a person who didn't have much experience with programs of this sort could be up and running in a short time. If you are looking for a cms this is one you need to try.

  • Well, what can I say. I second everything razorback commented. This software was indeed an impressive piece of work, the theming\\language translation\\CMS\\Instalation is _the_ best of it's kind I have ever seen in an open source product. The simplicity is stunning, I was up and running in less then a minute! For other users looking for a portal, new publishing site or similar. This is definately what you're looking for!

  • Just some of the features that make e107 one of the best CMS around. Having gone through various CMS including PHP NUKE i discovered e107 at version 3, since then it has evolved to include advanced news and article management user registration and a fully integrated feature rich forum. Installation is simple, just enter your database/MySQL details and the rest is automated. Upgrading is included in new releases and database dumping is one of many admin features. The best thing about e107 is that it is just as easy to use for the PHP/MySQL uninitiated as it is for the professional developer/designer. Create your own themes or plugins with nothing more then a text editor. Overall e107 is perfect for novices and professionals alike. With the ability to manage a good looking site with nothing more then a web browser (including file upload and download). A final note if you find it does not work as expected please check your server matches the minimum requirements and your browsers cookie settings allow sessions, please don't rant at the author!

  • e107 is the PHP-Portal. Complete with news syndication, theme system, user, link, article, guestbook download/upload and content management, and its very own, virtually bug-free forum, this has got to be the CMS of a new era. Simple, yet advanced, stylish and handy. Complete, but not feature-fat and at the very end extremly fast. It's everything you could dream of. The support is excellent and the community very motivated . I recommend this portal over all the others for dependability, security, stability, overall functionality, simplicity and performance.