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  • I purchased this program and to this day I have not heard from the webmaster. The program has been updated but still uses outdated documentation. Numerous problems installing the program. Bottom line, there are free programs that work better and you will not lose your hard earn money to a hustler.

  • This customer has been extremely inpatient, sending 6 e-mails to us within 4 hours of purchase. Our first reply came within 10 hours of his first e-mail which is a very reasonable timeframe and instead of working with us to help him install the software for FREE he was insulting our employees and threatening of mass distributing our software.

  • This is a review of Yoursoft custom cgi services. I want to say that the recent custom cgi work that was done for me was excellent. It was delivered quickly and without any surprises and exactly as needed. I was also able to speak real time using icq with klemen, which made the process go extremely smoothly. I am very pleased with the result, and will be using them again. Quality work. David Klein

  • YOURcom from YOURsoft is full of features and comes with a very simple to use admin area so everything can be setup quickly and easily. It offers several different commission types (% of the value, flat commission and even a signup bonus). Easy to install, easy to implement it into PayPal, easy to work with and a great customer support! I'm extremely happy with it and hope YOURsoft continues the path it has taken!