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  • Choosing Japanese or Chinese makes the screen distorted. The button can not be pressed. I can not use it at all. I want you to improve.

  • this is a great chatroom but how do i resize it as its full page and we would like to be able to have other content on the page i have tried an iframe and it works but the emojis we upload are very small and wont show any larger ..any help please

  • First time took 18 minutes from DATABASE CREATION to editing the records. Chat Looks great...I will probably up grade to PLUS!!!

  • This is great! Put it on a free host and used vb to navigate to the page. Now i have software, a forum and all done in under a hour! Great bit of software. Would love to have more things like option to have a admin, and also a option to make private chats if people want to have a password protected/clean chat.... Also maybe a little more protection with the admin forum as admin.php is just so guessable so people just attack it. Also a option to auto ban spammers for a while lol.... Still great though!

  • It would be very great if it has private chat feature!

  • A nice and functionally rich chat. But its code is very hard to understand. No CAPTCHA security, no way to ban user.

  • At the moment the best chat software for homeservers. I have apache+php5.2+mysql and many other scripts that i've tried didn't work cuzz if not php.ini correctly conf. they don't work. But this works with a basic set up of apache and php. I don't understand why advanced professional scripts like SMF or this one work fine and the simple scripts that you can find around the web, not (like hnguestbook)! The only thing is that you cannot do a single click and start chatting, an excellent chat is something similar to XAT.

  • The chat is good, easy to setup and customize. I've been using it along with a radio station website. @Charlie - You can find the IPs of your chatters under admin panel - "online users". Then you just copy/paste the IP of the user that makes you nervous in cPanel - IP Deny Manager and and voilĂ  there it is - he or she is no longer able to chat. As an alternative, google for "deny ip .htaccess".

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • This chat script works fine, but it does not provide a user ban or block feature to the admin. And even if you delete a user, they can continue chatting or spamming away until they log out. Only the paid pro BlaB version offers a user ban feature, so to me the free (Lite) version is basically useless..

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • I could only say that this new version is superb and i love the PAINT option.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Being a developer myself I would strongly recommend this script. My main reasons: 1) It can be run with the PHP5 built-in database - SQLite. You do not have to set a MySQL database and in this way it will never ruin your database server. 2) If you would like to use Russian/Ukrainian letters or any other non-latin charset it is UTF-8 based [and in fact it works] - you can display multiple languages on the same page. 3) No fat JS libraries to load - it does the job with a single 7kB JS file.

  • this is the best web chat i have ever come across. installing it only involved copying a few files and thats it and using it is really simple too. it may not have many options but thats ok. i would definately recomend this to anybody. keep up the good work.

  • Very easy to install even for beginners. It does exactly what it says it will do without being bulky or giving you features you'll never use. It's quite attractive out of the package but it's also easy to modify.

  • This application was rather simple but I did like the general idea. Especially the way it copes with the timezones differences - a click on a clock, a second one on your actual timezone line and here it is - easy for anyone. A few interesting JavaScript solutions should be noticed too.

  • A 'must-have' addition to any website which you can have up and running within 5 minutes. Quite useful when your hosting provider doesn't allow MySQL to be used for chats. The look and the options will definitely please your visitors. Whatever browser you use, you'll never see JavaScript errors. I've been using it for 2 months installed on a very weak machine. No problems so far.

  • A elegant, simply written script that has a clean, well thought out interface. A great script to use if you just want to allow a bunch of people to passwords, no multiple rooms (although that's apparently now an optiion)...and it works.