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Password Protector SD Review - Stay AWAY!

Reviewed by Anonymous on Tue, 8th July 2008
Rating: 1 - Poor

I thought initially the software looked good, especially compared w/ Post Member Pro & Amember. No way! After testing the system, I realized it DID NOT have most of the features that were in the other scripts. Stuff like coupons, proper payment integration with 1shoppingcart and paypal, payment history. To get similar functionality, they custom code for you: at $85/hour!! What they don't tell you is how many hours it'll take - they just OVERCHARGE YOU without permission. Waste of money!!

[email protected] Mon, 24th November 2008

After reviewing this user's comments, we strongly believe that he/she is a competitor spreading false claims. 1. The features mentioned are all a part of the software. Ironically, most other scripts don't have these features while ours does (Coupon codes, full shopping cart, etc). 2. The statements concerning custom programming are entirely false. We give quotes on custom work and agree on a final price beforehand. We don't store credit cards so there is no way for us to "just overcharge you".

Pretty Good Stuff...

Reviewed by Anonymous on Mon, 10th October 2005
Rating: 4 - Very Good

Password Protector 6.3.1 is a pretty good application. My biggest complaint is the user login. They used to have the ability to login with a form, but Microsoft killed that ability with an IE update. Most of the other browsers still work though, but IE users will have to do the old pop-up login. That just seems so unprofessional. You'll have to link to each secure site. In short I'd buy again. Has many good features.

[email protected] Fri, 27th October 2006

Password Protector SD works with all browsers and no longer uses htaccess as its primary login method (mod_rewrite is used). The Internet Explorer bug is a thing of the past!