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  • To anyone complaining this is not open-source, the people that make this software disclose as much in the system requirements on the same page where you download it. If you are having problems downloading it, that is probably because you tried to use bogus information to register an account (I tried this, and failed too), they are very strict about it. Once I paid attention to what it said on the registration page about not using bogus registration information I was able to get a copy after updating my user profile. The example templates are rudimentary, but not proprietary, it was easy to incorporate a $20 bootstrap template I found, and I am very happy with the results. I also needed to send contact info from this software to a bulk email service, and the API made that fairly easy, my questions about how to do it were answered by the developer promptly. I am discovering that I can do and control just about anything, including the kitchen sink.

  • I'm a web developer and very frustrated with this software. The name suggests that it is open source but it is NOT and it's almost impossible to download the free version for testing purposes. The overall design is from to the previous century.

  • I am using Open Realty for several Real Estate (Realty) sites and many other scripts for different function sites. I have found Open Realty to be flexible and easy to use whilst being well featured. Overall though, I judge suppliers of Scripts when you have a few bugs to sort out. That is when you know you have selected the right product. Open Realty has been the most prompt and helpful of all of the scripts I have used, both paid and free. If you are looking to build a Real Estate site, I give Transparent Technologies Open Realty a big Thumbs up!

  • Pros: Low cost for pro version, and upgrading from free version is completely painless. Software is fully featured, and very extensible. Real estate information can be customized and manipulated to an extent I will probably never take advantage of. Support staff is very knowledgable about real estate and MLS rules and procedures as well as web hosting. Over 8000 listings on my customer's site and going strong. Cons: A bit of a learning curve. Not for the impatient. Plugin system and developer's materials could use more examples. Advice: Do not just assume your hosting is compatible with this software, make sure before installing it, save yourself a lot of headaches. If you are going to import listings from IDX, make sure you get all the documentation available from the MLS before you start. If you are setting this up for someone else and have not used it before, give yourself plenty of time beforehand to experiment and ask questions.

  • This is a terribly inflexible piece of software that struggles to perform under even moderate server loads. When you try to login to the administration area of the site, it always makes you log in twice. It used to be open source, but the developers made the mistake of closing the source code several years ago. If you're a developer, steer clear of this abomination.

  • I used this software (v2.1?) back in 2007 to build a real estate web site for my sister-in-law. She's been using it almost every day since then. Her web hosting company recently updated their services in such a way that caused this and a few of her other programs to stop working unless she obtained updates. In search of a solution, I was pleased to discover that Open-realty is still being made and was very impressed by the amount of new features and polish it has received since I last worked with it. That will teach us not to wait 5 years again before upgrading, my sister is really happy with everything and is back in business. A truly great product all around, and the support is first class! Perhaps the previous reviewer missed the big red text on the ordering page for this software that says they will not fulfill orders placed from gmail and hotmail accounts :)

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Impossible to dowload as the form rejected first my hotmail and then my gmail email addresses !!! A bit of a waste of time...

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • In order to dowload script I was asked to register. However both my hotmail and gmail addressed were rejected !! Waste of time.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • I can't believe how easy this was to install and setup for my client. Converting the old website template they were using was a snap, and just about everything I needed to learn to get going was very well documented. I need to spend more time learning about the "template tags" that I can use for making more advanced customizations. The templating engine seems to be a very powerful and flexible feature. From what I can tell after evaluating at least a dozen online real estate solutions is that so far I have not seen anything else available that even comes close to what Open-Realty can do, and that includes some of the expensive custom programs. I am simply amazed by how much this program can do, and how much I can customize parts of it if I need to. I have not tried any of the MLS, RETS or IDX import capabilities yet, but I do know my client wants to do things like that very soo, The information and advice I got from the support forums for this this program has helped me plan for other improvements and additions that will benefit my client. The great support and helpful information I received while getting acquainted with Open-Realty is why I came here to write a review.

  • I am using Open-Realty for more than 4 years to build my clients webpages. It not only works for real estate sites, you can use it for nearly any page topic. Free adds, Car & boat sales, ... endless posibilities. The template system allows you to integrate OR's functionality into ANY design you want and the friendly support forum answeres all question very fast. Apart from the excellent script, a hugh amount of free and commercial addons is available. The best free script on the market

  • I absolutely swear by Open Realty it is easy to install on you hosting server. and simple to get operational. with a great forum online and heaps of addons available it will be customisable for many different applications. I also used it for Real Estate, Holidays, Cars, Boats, Motorhomes and more... it works fast and trouble free. You need to get your head around how the templates work but if you take the time and read the online docs you will get the jist rapidly. I live by this software

  • Seriously consider donating for this! It's hands down the best *free* product for real estate. If you've configured any other script, this should be fairly easy. Not for a total novice, but I figured it out, and I'm no programmer! Kudos!

  • This script is a great script.. an excellent one. I was about to write one on my own, but thanks god my time was saved that one is already made. Unlike the what the last user said, the script DOES work on windows. I setted it up on my windows Localhost and it worked smoothy.. Maybe the last commeter didn't like to follow directions.... 5 Thumbs up!

  • In its current state this is without doubt the most useful source available for property listing that I have found on the net and it's free. The support from the forum makes up easily for the lack of documentation included in the package. I currently run this source on 6 different server configurations including 2 win servers with no problem. This source is going ahead fast with regular updates continually happening. I recommend this script to anyone for homes, cars, etc no reservations from me.

  • Although it is indicated that this program works with Windows Platforms, this is not the case. When installing and running program you are greeted by numerous "undefined variable" errors and limited functionality. Editing the code helps, but you are still left with a program that will not work correctly. The ONLY reason I give this script a poor rating is because it does not work with Windows as it indicates. Suggested improvements? Rewrite the program so it works with Windows Platforms, or rewrite the information so it doesn't include Windows in the platforms it works with.

  • Open-Realty does suppor the windows platform. You have display error set to show notices, and should change that in your php.ini file. We offer a great support forum at

  • Hi, Jon, Thank you for the chance I can keep going on my project which depended on your works. You may don't know how many people will get benefit from your contribution. I really want to say thank you again!!! Anny