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  • I'm adding a paypal shopping cart to my site and I needed help so I contacted Adrian at 5am this morning and had answers before 8am. Now that's service! Linklok actually does more than I need but I am so glad Adrian's manual is so easy to understand. That's hard to come by these days where either little to no explanation is included or whoever wrote 'their thang' hasn't a clue that anybody outside of him/her understands it. So 5 stars for every category and a major shout-out to Vibralogix for keeping it simple.

  • I use this script beside my normal shopping cart for instant download of my digital products. Simple setup Great support Quick answers And the developer goes beyond normal service to help you setup the layout exactly the way you want it to be.

  • Esay to install, great user manual and worked like a charm. I dealt with Adrian who was very helpful and supportive. I will be purchasing again in the future.

  • really is incredibly super support and immediate reply! the product does what it says I am very pleased highly recommend to buy!

  • I first purchased about 4 years ago for my first website and have subsequently purchased additional licenses for different websites. The product is excellent and easy to set up with good instructions. The after-service is also first class.

  • I've been using Linklok for a little over a year to sell digital products from my small business website and it has been awesome! It was fast and easy to set up - and I don't know java, html or php. Recently I decided to offer a discount code and I've been using the PayPal shopping cart, which doesn't accommodate this easily - so I had to add a script to my website. I couldn't quite get Linklok to work perfectly with this script and so I contacted Vibralogix for help. Adrian was amazing - he got back to me in less than 24 hours and figured out the issue and the solution quickly. From now on, when I need tools for my small business website, I will always check Vibralogix first! :)

  • I was using an expensive monthly service for link security and checkout. It was a nightmare. Switched to Linklok and my customer checkout experience has gone from a D to an A+. This product affords full control of your correspondence with customers, therefore you can streamline the process and point them to relevant instructions while maintaining your sites visuals and voice. The support was incredible. I asked several questions and was met each time with prompt, thorough and easy to implement responses. If you are considering this product- take the plunge you will be SO glad you did!

  • I have been using Linklok for a number of years and it has worked like a charm. Easy to understand and install and whenever I have needed any support Adrian Jones has been very quick to respond and amazingly generous with time. I would recommend this software.

  • For a small website selling e-documents I have been looking for a php-script that could handle international sales and downloads through PayPal. Being new to running a website I was pleasantly surprised how fast I could autodidactally learn html, and I was hoping the same with php. Thus I had been on a quest to find php info and tricks and also to get my hands on a free php script that after slight alteration would handle my sales and downloads. My advice to those who are in the same situation and don't study php out of interest: 'forget it'. A professional script like LinkLok PayPal is way beyond the little free scripts that are offered on the net. I cannot judge about the technical content of course, but I can share my personal experiences, and these have been overall excellent. After giving up mastering much of php within a couple of weeks I searched for an affordable IPN handler (I think that's how these scripts are called), and I have seen many websites of many sellers. Several things I liked about Vibralogix's site. The first was the professional and very informative design of the site. I encountered several sites that left a screamy and desperate-to-sell impression. Vibralogix did not give me such impressions. It gives the information you seek in a modest way with just enough color and make-up to be pleasant to the eye. They offer extensive manuals of their products beforehand, so you can inform yourself into much detail about what to expect. Pre-sale questions were handled kind and patiently (and also here I had different experiences with especially one other seller). The price of LinkLok PayPal ($29.95) is below what competators offer (which was often between $40 and $50 during my search). So all in all the choice was not too difficult. Due to the excellent manual was the installation of LinkLok PayPal almost effordless.The only installation problem I encountered was due to uncafeful reading and missing one step. The functionality is simply good; it does what it should do. At the moment I use the script for the so called 'buy now' PayPal buttons. After my customers have payed they are led to a download page and a download email is sent to them. I don't use advanced options, so I cannot judge about that. These download pages and emails can be adjusted to your own liking. Just design your own webpage or email template for it. So no Vibralogix banners on your download page; something which you sometimes should take for granted with free scripts. With the design I encountered one problem; titles of my documents could not contain comma's. I emailed Adrian for this, and instead of dissapointing me by saying that that's just the way it is (which I had expected as an answer), he promised to have a look at it. Within two days he had altered and updated the script to make comma's in product title's possible. Such excellent service does not only keep improving the script, but it also leaves a strong enough impression to go shopping at Vibralogix again when in need of a script, or to simply share your good experiences on a review site like this. And; 'no', there's nothing in it for me. I'm not an affiliate. I'm just a satisfied customer.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • This script worked perfectly to give purchasers via Paypal a download link to my digitised products. The manual must be one of the clearest I have ever seen and queries are dealt with very quickly.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Vibralogix Linklok for PayPal is Designed specifically for digital downloads. Super customizable, Easy to follow instructions and great customer service. I highly recommend Vibralogix, See them for your all shopping cart solutions! On top of everything the creator of this software is a really nice guy, with great business ethics. Emails are answered quickly. Setup manuals are designed for the non-tech people in mind. Don't waste another minute with other shopping carts. This is the one I've been looking for, It's Great!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Esay to install, great user manual and worked like a charm. I've tried a lot of PayPal scripts, some a lot more expensive, and this works as advertised right out of the box. For a non techie the manual is excellent.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Bought this script and using it a few weeks and I can tell it's excellent. The manual is deep, and setup easy. In the case you need some help, the customer support is simply awesome - fast&accurate. I can only recommend!

  • I've been using Linklok for PayPal for several months to sell an ebook at my digital photography website. I couldn't be more pleased. Linklok works flawlessly. If there is a change at PayPal, you are contacted immediately by the developers with instructions about how to update the code. I've had to contact tech support a few times and they are unbelievably responsive and helpful. They have my highest recommendation.

  • I looked at more than a dozen scripts for IPN integration and this was by far the easiest to install. All the work is done for you and the manual is an excellent tool. Unlike some scripts that leave you to fend for yourself or assume you know what you're doing (if we did, we wouldn't be looking!), they make it very hard for you to mess up. :) It's also highly customizable and can be very flexible for eBay or straight up sales. I highly recommend this script.

  • I use Linklokipn for Paypal with my website sales and for sales on eBay. I sell downloadable items, and have been amazed at how great this script works, and how simple it is to install. I have also had to contact their tech support on a few occasions to help me tweak the script for my particular needs, and found not only the response swift, but they have went way beyond my expectations. I have also purchased another of their products the for locking the URL... best part is the price is more than fair, and it is a one time payment, not ongoing like some of the other scripts for Paypal IPN on the market. I HIGHLY recommend this.