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Average Member Rating: 4.01/5

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Great Webmail Product, Bad Support

Reviewed by Anonymous on Wed, 28th May 2008
Rating: 3 - Average

I have to say that DWMail is one of the first Webmail programs that I enjoy using. It was pretty straight forward to get setup, and there are TONS of options to customize it exactly as you want it. The only downside right now is customer support. There are NO responses to tickets. This has become extremely frustrating as I need my licenses modified and after 2 months this simply request has still yet to be resolved. Overall, 3/5. All points lost on support.

Great webmail

Reviewed by Anonymous on Fri, 7th January 2005
Rating: 5 - Excellent

DWMail is without any doubt one of the best webmail systems I've come across. It is easy to install with only a few needed parameters to setup and it works! It doesn't only work, it works FAST! Even without a database. Customization is a bit cumbersome but you can change most things to your liking. Of all the webmail systems I've tested (well-known ones and less obvious ones) this one is by far a winner. If your looking for a fast and easy webmail for your shared (limited) hosting, take a look at this one, you'll be surprised! The $38 is well worth it.