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  • I also end it up losing a lot of time and money with this shopping cart. Their customer service, insecure products, upgrade and return policies are the worst you’ll ever see. Hopefully, you won’t make the same mistakes as us (unhappy customers). I wouldn’t be surprised if the good reviews in this or any other site comes from an employee of that company, including the CEO:Matt Delong. Do yourself a favor.Don’t waste your time and invest your money wisely.Full review at:

  • When I started my online shop, digiSHOP was my first online cart of choice. I didn't know what to expect and their prices seemed a bit high, so after a few weeks I got a refund and went on to try some other carts. After many months of horrible experiences I finally decided to come back. I realized how great of customer service and prices SumEffect offers. Whether this is your first shop or thrity first, I highly advise you to use digiSHOP. You will save thousands of $ worth of time and money.

  • SumEffect promises many things that may seem unrealistic, but when I gave them a shot I was astounded. They achieved my every highest expectation! The software is easily deployed, user friendly and efficient. SumEffect support department is helpful, professional, and live support is readily available. They can honestly sell this software for $2000, and I don't know why they don't. Even if they tripled their price I'd still stay a loyal customer. Two BIG thumbs up and great job, SumEffect!!!

  • I recently setup a new site for a friend of mine, and she chose digishop as her shopping cart. The feedback I got from her is that the cart is very easy to use and navigate...she is very happy with her choice...i would recommend this cart to anyone who is looking for a cart that won't make it a challenge to understand how to use it. good system!

  • The software is a bit pricey at $350 but its worth it. The admin interface is very easy to use & the templating system is simple. Setting everything up is an easy process. I purchased it because I really wanted Paypal Webpayments Pro. If your interested in using it with Paypal webpayments pro I highly recommend it.