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  • I purchased the pro script and have to say I am not happy with it. It is a nightmare to configure and setup on your site. The script cannot handle dynamic webpages and requires the user to manually add every single page of their site to the script to monitor. You can imagine how time-consuming this can be! When I asked for a refund, the "company" refused, said I was a software pirate and did not bother to help me with my problem. From the appalling english and tone of their emails, I have gathered that this "business" is actually a single person called Alexander (probably a teenager) working from Russia. Be very wary of this "company" and it's products. Their manuals are written in pigeon english, their customer service is poor, their terms of purchase are laughable and you will not have an easy time implementing and using a service which they claim to be easy to setup and use.

  • Before only factes: 1."It is a nightmare to configure and setup" - only one simple web-based form on your favorite language. No any specific knowledges or text editors, all possible settings are determined automatically, one and same html-code for all pages. We especially recommend to test it before with our free edition. 2."cannot handle dynamic webpages" - one and same dynamic html-code allows to track any dynamic site (PHP, Perl, ASP etc.). 3."manually add every single page" - automatical adding is used as for static so for dynamic web sites. Also we have additional feature for "content tracking". 4."bad style of english language" - not problem for our clients which help us to translate product to French, German, Italian, Japanese etc. 5."customer service is poor" - we provide technical support for all our products, including free editions, so each may check it before. Then we shall not make comments on all other imaginations of the person, which has asked about refund in same time he completed downloading of software.

  • This Analyzer is an excellent script! The Free Version ist working wonderful... The Layout/Design is the best i have ever seen.. (WebSkins for Download)! The only bad thing is, the free script displays olny a view of parameters.. (no browser, no country, no visitors, etc..)