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  • I couldn't get the script to work properly and I am a MySQL and PHP hosting ISP. From the looks of it, Level10 does not support their own support forum so no help is available. Most posts by people with similar problems to mine have not been answered for years. While I was able to get the stat reports to work, I wasted two hours trying to figure out how to get the counters to show on my pages. I know. Who needs a counter these days? Well my customer wants one.

  • I'm not used to leave bad feedback but in this case, I feel I have to do it and avoid other people having the same bad experience. You must have programmer knowledge to install it and to let it work with MySQL database. The script collects only a part of data, reports are broken - then I did try same amount of page views and each time it collects DIFFERENT statistics! The script also cannot handle dynamic pages, because it remove all parameters from address. But pages without parameters, NOT dynamic pages! So I had to uninstall it completely. Maybe this could be a choice for very simple websites with several visitors... maybe, if it would work.

  • I'm not sure how this script got this many good ratings. To me, if it doesn't install correctly the first time, then it's not worth the time. I tried, but it never counted any page hits. I installed this on a very new site, I know when people are going to the site, and from what pages they linked, but the charts show absolutly no hits. On a more popular website this might not be so apparent, but I consider this a critical flaw.

  • I have been looking for a quality hit tracker and web traffic reporting script for a while - I was surprised to find that this script was 100% free! It is full featured and fairly easily installed. Great Script!