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  • I absolutely think this is the best news script I have ever used. Setup was quick and painless and the site has a great message board if you do have problems. It supports graphics so I use different emotions of smiley faces for my news on the site depending on if its good, angry or shocking news. It also supports multiple passwords which is a big plus because I run a clan site and it gives the leaders who need to post news the ability to remember they're password more easily. It also has an easy to use admin page to post or delete items. Your server does have to support SSI but I think all servers should support SSI now a days if they plan to run any cgi scripts. I gave this script an excellent rating because of all the pros and the lack of cons. I have high standards and if this script stays with my site then it is in the high rating catagory. This guy also made a cool script that would let you post a quote. It's very origional and his work is very good so keep an eye on the things he does because he might come up with something you like even if you don't use this script.