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  • Alex lists all the things he will do to get your software up and running in your receipt, then does none of them. Wait, he did install a bunch of files on my FTP server, then sent me an email saying the program would not run on my host. Ok, Alex, sure, a popular host with the latest version of PHP has problems with your simple script. I ask him for a link, since there are literally hundreds of files to this "simple" program. No response.. just send me a link where the program is supposed to start? Nothing. I cancelled. I am disputing the charge with my credit card company.

  • We had the software installed to a server about a year ago. Since then we have had to move to another server. Alex was very patient with us during the installation as we had to use a subdomain to keep the site accessible. Even when we dabbled and messed things up, he was patient with us in explaining what we had done and then proceeded to make the no additional cost!! The client is pleased. I reccomend this software to anyone needing a system to protect sensitive areas through membership access.

  • I didn't see their advertised prices for $29.99 & $39.00! You need to update your info or do you really try to mislead people?!?

  • My review can only be 500 characters which is unfortunate as I have so many great things to say about this software. I will start by saying I tested most of the protected scripts on the market and Diofant Aladin was the best by far. Installation completed by Diofant, EXCELLENT, Support for Aladin is EXCELLENT, the staff and response to questions is EXCELLENT. If you want a more detailed review please contact me +44(0)7931387303. Aladin now services over 600 members on our site without fault.

  • This product reports to do many things, however pratically nothing is documented. There is a sparse one page "testing" document. The prodoct is described as having "seamless" intgeration with Online Payment providers. Nothing is documented. We have made at least 4 requests for information on integration with the product. We have recived absolutely nothing back from company, not even an acknowledgement.

  • Dear customers, we are sending emails to your address in time, but sometimes cant achieve your email box. As regards Aladin integration with PayPal IPN, this is a new feature. WWL and ISP Licenses include PayPal IPN integrating modules. Also we have sent email where we emphasize this is a new feature which diofant is tweaking personally for customers. We have live websites with happy owners. For example-Dr.Gryspeerdt makes money here: Documentation is under construction now

  • Looking for the rigth script for my site.. Have Emailed 3 times over three weeks with questions. Have not responded to any. R.B

  • Unbelievable customer service. I can't say enough about Diofant. My satisfaction was there number one priority. There program works flawlessly and is so easy to manage.

  • This program was needed for user authentication. Although we experienced some of our own site problems, the support of Alex and the team at Diofant sure pulled through! Excellent service. This one of the areas of concerns I had with auth services but Diofant exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended!!

  • This software has been fantastic in my company, besides having an agile and good technical support. During a lot of time I was looking for a software that offered me the security that I needed and finally I found it with ALADIN. Best regards, Mario Salazar

  • Aladin is really nice program and does the job easy and quick. Alex is really helpful and available for any questions you have. Will save you lots of time, well worht the money!!!

  • After searching for a while for a membership database management program I came across Aladin and knew it was the solution I was searching for. Not only was it affordable but Alex and his team provided me with excellent and courteous technical support throughout the simple installation process. Their guidance made the whole process from start to finish an enjoyable one including learning the easy to use interface that makes protecting and unprotecting my site's directories a snap.

  • I have spent a lot of time by surfing the net for the good security software, until I have found Advanced Login Area Designer-Integrator - ALADIN!. This software is realy great. A lot of function, easy setup and the best 24/7/365 suppport. I reccomend this software to everyone who need professional security software.

  • I installed Aladin effortlessly on a Linux server the first time. It exceeded my expectations in being so easy to set up. The second install of the product came with difficulties because I was not set up as the network admin. But given this situation, Alex came through and was able to diagnose the problem and fix the entire setup in record time! If you're not wanting to reinvent the wheel and need login functionality for your web site, I recommend this product highly!

  • Diofant provides some of the best product support I've come across in 28 years! They offer a very powerful product and amazing support. Buy this product, it's priced right, does as advertized and comes with first rate support. Their customizations are exactly as defined. If you need security and all the registration security levels and authorizations, lost password and automatic or manual registration authorization... this is it!

  • Once ALADIN is running, it's very easy to password-protect a directory and add user accounts. The file-tree graphic interface is really handy and a good way of managing password protected directories. Very helpfull helpdesk!

  • ?building websites, but your software makes it very easy to apply security protocols on files and directories. Your software is working very well. Always remember to BELIEVE in yourself regardless of what other people say. Great things come from those who refuse to follow the crowd.

  • I setup my website 12months ago with the thought that I needed a login script from my photographic website. As I don't have any SQL scripting skills I found my way to Hotscripts and eventually to ALADIN. This product is perfect for my needs. Multiple layer levels, quality customer service with regular updates. Alex and the Diofant team have come up with a great product and I thank them from the great work they have done with my website. If you want a stylish and sophisticated login system that gives you the power choose ALADIN. Thanks guys.....

  • We're a national membership organization and needed a program to protect our member-only section that would recognize our ever-changing membership. Alex and the folks at Diofant customized the program exactly to our needs and the system works great. Alex was great - he installed the system for us and helped us out of a few jams that we created - all for a very reasonable price.

  • Visual, graphical, password protection and access management for our email letter subscriber club. This is a great protection program at a very reasonable price. Excellent customer service. Alex is a wonderful help if you get stuck and will stay with you until you are satisfied.

  • ALADIN is great! Especially for people (like myself) that aren't the most technical. The set up was very straightforward. It actually worked on the first try whereas with other password management systems, I would need to tweak a little here and there in order to finally to get the system working. Once ALADIN is running, it's very easy to password-protect a directory and add user accounts. The file-tree graphic interface is really handy and a good way of managing password protected directories. I would have used a different color scheme, though. Sometimes the pink makes it hard to see the buttons and text. Also, the people at Diofant (Alex, especially) are great to work with. Very helpful and responsive to your needs and questions.