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Average Member Rating: 2.94/5

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Softbiz Links Directory Reviewed by Anonymous on Thu, 22nd November 2007

Rating: 5 - Excellent

I have been using the Softbiz Link Directory for the past two years. I have found the support superb. When I purchased the script it was installed for me at no charge and the latest update was done at no charge. I find the script easy to use and navigate.

It allows approval of links before they are posted, email notification and easy ad management through the admin panel.

It has been a very good script to use for those who want a link directory and easy of use as well as superb support.

Script Reviewed by Anonymous on Tue, 21st August 2007

Rating: 5 - Excellent

Hi, i just thought i would express my opionon i have been using the script for a while not and it seems fantastic, aint found any bugs, and does everything you need. The admin section has so much options to modify the site to your needs, Savvy who runs the scripts is very helpful and got the website script setup in minutes, i advise anyone else looking for a links website script to definely try this well worth the money :-)

The Most Stable Reviewed by Anonymous on Tue, 7th August 2007

Rating: 5 - Excellent

To Whom It May Concern,

I have purchased Link Directory after trying several others. I have concluded that SoftBizScripts are THE MOST STABLE I have ever used. Tech support is responsive and always pleasant to deal with. I highly recomment these scripts to anyone who is tired of "version updates" to correct "bugs" which other scripts always have. I have yet to encounter any errors with these scripts.
Jack Wylie

Poor Documentation and help Reviewed by Anonymous on Thu, 21st April 2005

Rating: 1 - Poor

The title says poor Documentation,in fact the only documentation is a very brief explanation how to install the script, I can find no user manual, the admin tips are brief and unhelpful,some of the admin functions did not work on the script I installed, maybe this was my fault, but without documentation how would I know.Sent support ticket but got no reply within 4 hours, and my opinion is a script producer of this size (judging by his web site) should have better customer support than this, in short I am not satified with this purchase and have asked for a refund of the $49.00.