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  • Like all the other people, I was lead to believe I was buying something like scriptlance. The out-of-date CGI is full of bugs. Service is a joke. After 45 days of emailing them every day, I just gave up. I have no web site and I'm out $100. I wish I would have read these reviews first. Expensive lesson.

  • If this is not the worse place you can get a freelance script...Lord help us all. I have never seen SO MANY BUGS and glitches in one script alone. Service was terrible, emailed them for help...they told me to go to Scriptlance and ask for an amateur to help me. Do not get scripts from these people...BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD business. SmarterScript...thanks for NOTHING :(

  • I agree, I bought the freelancers script and it is crap and the support is crap. It cost me a lot of money in time and marketing and they are doing nothing about it. I AGREE, DO NOT BUY SCRIPTS FROM THIS COMPANY!

  • I have only bought their freelancers script but it is so poorly written and the support for it is completely non-existant. DO NOT BUY SCRIPTS FROM THIS COMPANY!