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  • Hello, After purchasing this $750 script. I found that this script has several bugs. The image upload does not work at all. The forums do not work. Several bugs with the script for design problems (if you wish to add a design to the script that is). And after about 1 month and several support attempts the script writters have absolutely no interest in responding to their support request. Basically the script is non-functional, and they have no support for their script.

  • I agree fully with every negitive comment so far. There is absolutly no support. This product is full of bugs. I run a site that in total just toped 1.5 million hits in 24 days since open. We hit 600 registered members of our net clubs ( we call it zone spaces. I have sent request time and time again for support, to no avail. There are so many things wrong with this program I don't even know where to begin. Our members contnue to grow, and we are still gonna dump the program! No Support..

  • These fellas were initially helpful in installing the scripts, but everything mentioned in the other negative reviews is true. The whole thing's a mess, totally unworkable. And there's no way to tell beforehand because you can't download until you pay. I definitely should have researched more - that much is on me. I asked for a refund and they said they'd think about returning part of my money. I'm not very optimisitic. Lesson learned. Caveat emptor, folks. Buyer beware!

  • After I purchased in Jan 06 AAsimedia listed a forum tech support within 3 weeks over 100 complaints. When I and several other purchasers of their script submitted a dispute with AAsimedia removed the forums. DO NOT BUY THIS SCRIPT!!! VERY BAD Aasimedia garbled a bunch of poorly written open source scripts together and tried to get them to work correctly. DO NOT PAY FOR THIS SCRIPT THROUGH PAYPAL YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR MONEY BACK (INTANGABLE GOODS)

  • this script is truly amazing and sooo easy to customize! I have very little experiance in web design and was still able to customize templates , styles, colors, background and language quickly and easily to fit the rest of my site. I am happy to say I choose this software. There is absolutely nothing else like this on the internet. And the free upgrades are always helpful because it just gets better and better! Thank you net clubs!

  • PROBLEMS PROBLEMS PROBLEMS This company is advertising this script as fully customizable so you would think, you could actually work with it, but nothing could be farther from the truth. The script is written in piece-meal cgi, each page is generated from multiple files, making impossible to add headers and footers. THIS SCRIPT IS NOT EVEN WORTH THE LOW PRICE-TAG UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR WEBSITE TO LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THE DEMO FORGET THIS SCRIPT. Francis J. Molina, Miramar Media Group

  • Not to be harsh or anything, I agree with the previous author that this is just another community link. Beside, Sherman did release the script for free before he took down the site under GPL License. Hope you guys took that advantage and fixed lot of bugs and insecure login method that can be easily hacked. Maybe a demo on what you guys had changed to make this script goes commercial since it was free under the origninal author.

  • after long searching this is by far the best community script we've found on the net. The best thing about this script is that we were able to generate revenue off the script with the intergated PayPal feature for paid membership access. We integrated the community script over a 500 member database at our existing dating site and so far our members are happy and we are making a return on our investment!

  • This beats anything else out there by far! This is an amazing script with more than enough features which doesn't heart because the administration panel allows you to select exactly which ones you want your members to be able to utilize. I've been looking all over for a script that allows me to charge my visitors a monthly fee for access with an already integrated credit card paying system and i finaly found it. Wonderful work guys!

  • I went to their website and their screenshot shows that it is just community link, a program by Sherman Austin. It didn't work when we paid $900 for it, and I see no reason to think that it works right now. Don't buy this unless you plan on re-writing parts of the code. It has lots of good ideas, but the implmentation is sorely lacking. Also Sherman was not good at providing support, in fact he was outright rude when asked for support. Last I heard he was still in jail, so it is possible that someone more responsable and more skilled has taken over the project. I surely hope so.