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  • In general, the component works great. Based on scheduled Cron/Webcron jobs. Sometimes the permissions on tmp folders can cause it not to trigger. VirtueMart experts have given excellent support with customization of the vmreview component.

  • The power and capacity of this script - not to mention the number of features available- is absolutely astounding given it's price tag compared to other similar cart products ... i.e. FREE !!! Coupled with the power of the Joomla CMS, you simply will not find a better and/or more economical configuration anywhere. Some CSS knowledge is required to get your store looking/feeling just how you want it, but this is not an insurmountable obsicle. I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND THIS SCRIPT !!!

  • This is a most powerfull script that i ever tried.I can't belive that i found something like this.Everything is great, the user panel, admin panel, organisation, ditails.... Guys, if any of you want script like this one, this is the right one for you, you can trust me. Thanks for making this script !!!!!!!

  • Just want to add my recommendation for VirtueMart. I've been using it for just over a year now, and it's been great. The level of detail in this cart system is great, and the add-ons (e.g. postage calculators) really make this a powerful tool. I decided to get into the CSS of the cart (and Joomla) and make it look good. These guys have done a great job getting a functional cart together, with a bit of styling the whole thing can work really well and look great.