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Reviews for Listing - Fantastic Shield (Windows and Linux) 3.0 Premium
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Average Member Rating: 4.66/5

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Extremely unhappy with Fantastic Shield

Reviewed by Anonymous on Mon, 7th May 2007
Rating: 1 - Poor

I paid them $80 for the software, and another $20 to install it. I asked for instructions on how to use this, and they told me there were no instructions... That I had to go in and look around at the menus, and figure it out on my own.

I've emailed them several times in the past two weeks. No response!

Their 800 number is dead!

Extremely unhappy with this software. I have lost many hours of time trying to get it working, with no success at all.

Watch out! Buyer beware!

Feature Rich and a great value...

Reviewed by Anonymous on Thu, 7th September 2006
Rating: 5 - Excellent

I've spent months researching membership and management solutions. No package met all of
our needs based on features like fantastic sheild does: multiple simultaneous gateways, IP security - multiple membership levels, etc. And a simple, professional easy-to-navigate user interface.

Fantastic Shield Review

Reviewed by Anonymous on Sun, 12th March 2006
Rating: 5 - Excellent

I looked at over 100 user authentication packages, many costing over $80, but none seemed to offer me what I wanted. I stumbled across Fantasticscripts, asked a question, got the answer, bought it, installed it, asked some further questions and each time got a response within 1 hour of asking!!!. Support is second to none, fast, informative, and in plain English, from simple to complexed. The script works perfectly, easily customisable, Easy to use, get this script before using any other.

Great Script & Fantastic Service

Reviewed by Anonymous on Thu, 22nd December 2005
Rating: 5 - Excellent

I searched all over for a client area script to manage users & track downloads for a corporate site. For very reasonable price Fantastic Scripts installed the Fantastic Shield System and made several customizations to perfectly meet my client's requirements. Modifications included documents tracking, display customization, email verification, and export to The template layout was easy to customize. Fantastic Scripts was very professional and I hope to use them on future projects.

Practical and Powerful!

Reviewed by Anonymous on Mon, 18th April 2005
Rating: 5 - Excellent

I just purchased Fantastic Shield and was surprised at how easy the installation was. Once I got things going, I started charging access to my member's directories. I used to create members manually with my old script, but now they are automated. Easy control panel, great support, and great price... A+++.

Nice work

Reviewed by Anonymous on Fri, 1st April 2005
Rating: 5 - Excellent

The Fantastic Scripts team is on the ball. I ordered the software, installed it, everything went smooth. It's very powerfull yet easy to manage. Had a few support questions they answered them right away and got me going. Our site is now protected and the best part is we get to charge for memberships now because of this software.

I give Fantastic Scripts an A+