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  • We use it for our HR department, all needs were met with custom updates, nice support, low customization prices

  • Bought their product and used their customization service to add some more reports and spreadsheets automatically generated for our HR department - all was done as we need. Good enough in communication, done precisely what we needed, actually no complains I can bring up in my mind both in terms of the original product and the service.

  • We use quizzes to assess memory enhancing facilities. We bought iGivetest in 2012 and was very out of date and incompatible with current versions of PHP at the time we bought it. The changes we requested were made at considerable cost but were of poor design in as far as schema and details. DO NOT BUY

  • After looking at many different sites, igivetest was the site that allowed me to have everything I need to test. If the site didn't have something, they would create if for me--that simple. Also, the price was great compared to other sites that were not as customizable.

  • It automatically randomizes questions, grades results, sends our branded certificates to those who passed, keeps track on attempts, users, subscriptions, helps to accept payments (the feature designed for us, was not available in iGiveTest by default). Just absolutely everything we asked for, and we are pleased to recommend it.

  • We use GiveTest in our employees learning and control. I like the simplicity, cusomizability and that they designed custom certificates for us which are automatically sent to all employees successfully completing their testing. No paperwork for us anymore. Good service, good support.

  • This script facilitate the exams and save a lot of time. There is no need for marking and we have our results in the same time. This software lack for some important reports and mixing results of many exam together but we have managed to do it manually. Also, This software lack for importing students names form external source but we managed to do it via other software. Overall, we will enjoy using this software. it is best script among others. We suggest to use it and it will make your life easier.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • I like the software, we use it for our akademie and so far have the best experience. The software does its job wel and is not complicated in use

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Well, this is the best one we found so far for our website. All is working well for us, most importantly there is no need for us to send completion certificates manually anymore - igivetest does it and I really love the feature. Saves a lot of time. Would be way better though if they had a phone support, not just email

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • I tested this product and it was much less than I expected. What I don't like about this product: 1. can not sort/display users by groups. Gives two options for sorting: "last name" and "department". After spending a few hours playing with options and settings I still can't figure out what "department" is. 2. for multiple choice questions you can not format answer choices (change fonts, etc). 3. When taking a test and press "Submit" button it does not record the last answer and it does not give you a warning. 4. The interface is not intuitive. I could continue the list, but this product simply not worth buying. I don't believe all those excited reviews and I think they are fake.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • I tried this product, and it was nice, but support was a little slow getting back to me. I eventually went to another product.

  • Strongly suggested for online certification. Its features as well as support are amaizing.

  • The potential of iGiveTest is amazing. The unusually committed support is particularly commendable and has deserved a special mention. With the questions from a question data bank one can put together new tests over and over again.

  • The potential of iGiveTest is amazing. With the questions from the question data bank one can put together new tests over and over again.

  • A product I have been waiting to see and I am impressed with their service. I must say that it is well worth the cost.