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  • This is the same as MyClassifieds. I'm writing the same review I did for MyClassifieds. It's great. It looks good, easy to install, and easy to use.

  • First of All: *The Images Do not Show *I was unable to delete/updates ads *Can Not Use HTML in categories *Modifying fields in pain in the butt *Limited desgin capability (other than the icons) I hade to configure the code a lot to get it in compliance with my site, and after all that work it still not working corrctly! Waste of time.

  • Both the images and updating/deleting ads is a configuration problem on your part. Why in the world would you want to use html in the names of your categories? I am the author, and I respond to every request for help that I get. My name and contact information are in the readme. Had you contacted me, I could have fixed your problems myself or explained to you how to do it.