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  • I've just recently begun using this script on my site to update news, and I am impressed by how powerful it is. The installation is relatively easy (about as easy as you could expect something this complex to be). The place where the script really shines is in how configurable the output is : Auto Updater works with templates, which means I can make the articles display exactly the way I want, rather than the canned table layout that you see in most of the free scripts. I also like the way it generates a talkback forum for each article without me having to do anything extra. On the administrative side, I appreciate the user management capabilities, including different permissions for each user (and a nifty feature to email users from within the script, so I don't have to look up all their emails separately). The logging feature is also neat - I can review and search the log, which keeps track of every action of every user in the main script. I haven't found any major problems yet, and whenever I had any minor trouble I always got a quick response. In short, it's a great script, and I highly recommend it.