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but your stuck with them forever.... Verified Reviewed by Thor Erik Just Olsen on Thu, 24th July 2014

Rating: 3 - Average

What do i mean by that?
I men that the whole script, besides from a few general settings, is encrypted.

When you need changes on your site, you are effectively stuck with a company that charges you for any little thing you need done.
You can not do any changes your self, as the whole script is scrambled up with Ioncube encoder.

Now, i have tried to find this information on their page, because i felt somewhat misinformed when i wanted to further develop my site.
It might be there, bit i can't find it.

This said, when i started installing the script, Savvy, that answered my mails, did nothing but a great job to help me set up my site, and was very helpful in that matter.
Support was great, but as soon as i wanted to change anything in the script it self, they wanted to charge me $20 for the job that i asked how to do my self.
When i pushed a little on the matter, mail correspondence stopped. I have now coded my site from scratch, something I hoped to avoid by buying this script.

So,in conclusion, the script it self is very good! It does what it say perfectly. If you don't want to change anything in it now or later, its great!
But you can not modify or change it, So don't think you have any REAL ownership over the script you buy, because you don't.

Almost totally encrypted. Reviewed by Douffle on Fri, 14th June 2013

Rating: 1 - Poor

I had a lot of problems setting this software up for my location. My site was to be geared to Canadian classified ads but a number of things needed to be slightly modified. For example, I needed to change the labels in the forms to read Province instead of State and Postal code instead of Zip code. After a few emails to Softbiz I was able to change the labels but in the Province field it kept coming up with New York as the default. I could not change this because almost all of the script is encrypted. Softbiz told me that I would need to change it in the MySQL database. You should not have to go into phpMyAdmin and change the database in order to make simple changes. If I had known that the script was encrypted before hand I would never have purchased it,

SoftBizScript is great Reviewed by Anonymous on Sat, 22nd August 2009

Rating: 5 - Excellent

I purchase this package and it was easy to install.
I had a few minor problems and emailed SoftBizScripts.
With in an hour I all my problems were fixed.

This is a great classified software package.
Plus great customer service.
Thanks Savvy
Rick Mercier

Awesome scripts for small fee Reviewed by Anonymous on Thu, 6th September 2007

Rating: 5 - Excellent

If you are looking to add a classifieds to your site you should get this software. I packs alot in one package and only $99! I have bought some others that cost $999 and this software matches it. Its fast and full of features and their support team is superb. Featured ads, image upload, ability to control fees on each categories, the works. I dont work for them, and I highly recommend this script!