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  • I recently purchased this product and contrary to their website details there is little or no Support and no access to a Forum page. The manual supplied is very poor, not sure of the country of origin of the developer, but the manual is poorly written and lacks a lot of information. I would not, repeat, I would not recommend this product to anyone who is a beginner in Website use.

  • I needed to speed up the development of my business so instead of outsourcing, I purchased this software. I am glad I did. It works great and offers very clean and secure code. As a programmer myself, I am very picky about using other people's code. But, I fully recommend this software to anyone wanting to save time or for those who are not programmers. Anyone can contact me for a reference, I love the software!

  • I purchased this script today and it was setup and ready to rumble within a couple of minutes. The admin uplod files need to get a small fix though but nothing big. A nice script for that price and highly recommended.

  • Thank you for your feedback. The uploading issue has been fixed in the latest release of EzyPal.