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  • This is really All-in-one CMS solution. I used it to crate 6 web-sites and never had problems. User friendly, have some unique features. Great ideas implemented. Anyone who need CMS should try this!

  • Easy to use, easy to style and lots of great addons. Simply put it makes life much easier for the right kind of site.

  • I am really glad I found this script & chose it. We are running a large membership/magazine site community using the most recent version & our users really like it. The only suggestion I have is to carefully research & test extensions for compatibility with each other. I can recommend Joomla highly. I have used other CMS & paid as much as 100$/mo for much less than what Joomla offers. Lots of components, modules, themes and more. WORTH YOUR TIME!

  • Joomla is one the best Open source CMS Available. One of the great things about it is its simplicity. Also it has a great community that is very helpful and ever growing. It has also won a number of awards.