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  • All social network: ✔Personal and collective blogs ✔Clubs - interest groups ✔ User profiles and messages ✔Extended permissions Everything for your portal: ✔Articles and universal catalog ✔Forums and comments ✔Board for any announcements ✔ System of rotation of banners Any type of content of the website: ✔For any field of the records content ✔Record sets under the terms ✔Your set of fields for categories Flexible images Ease of use: ✔Automatic server install ✔User-friendly admin panel of the website ✔Expandable with plugins ✔Easy template system And that's not all, phpfox is still a lot of features and options. I am very pleased with PHPFOX, I like the efforts of developers to always make something better.......

  • Good support and great documentation for phpfox. Love phpfox ajax mode and ability to create new apps and themes

  • Support is good, on-going development, continuous improvement, pricing is acceptable. phpFox is recently proving to be the best social network script

  • I purchased the script few years ago. At first it was complicated, but then when I started to maximize its features I was so impressed! Most especially when I added some customization through the help of their 3rd party developers to monetize my site. the looks and performance were really amazing! I decided to upgrade my site to the latest version recently, and it was done pretty quick by phpFox team. I highly recommend this script to the people who wants to start building a Social network community.

  • I purchased the script few years ago. At first it was complicated, but then when I started to maximize its features I was so impressed! Most especially when I added some customization through the help of their 3rd party developers to monetize my site. the looks and performance were really amazing! I decided to upgrade my site to the latest version recently, and it was done pretty quick by phpFox team. I highly recommend this script to the people who wants to start building an awesome social network community.


  • Bad software Bad Customer Support Do not buy!

  • I have been waiting almost 2 weeks for an answer to one question and that's a pre sales question . Cant think what they will with real support . I have sent this to both moxi and pgp fox . No response ..How do these people make any sales .Shocking

  • If you plan on buying this, I would advise against it. The script is very buggy. Support is non existent if you don't have a paid support plan. You have to buy everything. If you seek out support in the support forum, you get the run around from a person named Donna, whom doesn't offer an answer. I'm wondering if PHPFOX was purchased by her because you only get a response from her. You have to depend on other members who have purchased the script and have the same problems. Sometimes, you can find the answer to a problem, but that it rare. The new script has a lot of bugs and doesn't seem to work as good as the old one. The themes are limited. If you want a theme, you have to buy from a 3rd party member. If you upload photos, you have to click on different upload links more than once just to upload a photo. There is no way to add new video channels. They have them already preset. I think PHPFOX has went downhill fast. I wish I could find a better software.

  • This phpfox script is by far the most rip off of all the scripts out there. Nothing works. You purchase the v3.x and get v4.x too which BOTH are bad. v3.x is superior and has more of everything but the support is GONE. v4.x is inferior and has BUGS, bad support, and lack everything v3.x has. You have to buy v4.0 add on that already exist for v3.x so if you pay for v3.x you have to pay again for v4.x. SCAM. COST $5000+ to fix bugs. Now they want 400-700 for APP. The developers are few, younetco, ceofox and few others. They all just dropped support for v3.x and you cannot re-activate them so you have to go to a pirate site to recover your paid modules using a NULL version since you no longer can activate. This script is a scam all the way and the developers know it. Cost me a fortune to fix everything. STAY AWAY. There are better scripts out there. Social Engine has been improved, Crea8SocialPRO is awesome and dirt CHEAP. WOW social network on code canyon destroys phpfox. GL and STAY AWAY form these crooks. phpfox is 100% scam & they will get YOUR MONEY by the thousands before you have anything stable and working.

  • i liked the demo and decided i would ask 2 questions before i actually put out the money. I never got an answer to my question. And the positive reviews sound a lot like they are coming from people working for PHPfox. Put it this, way when people are angry they speak with details to support their argument and you can clearly see this in the negative reviews.

  • There's no doubt that this script has tons of potential but my experience with phpfox has costed me HUNDREDS of hours of emotional pain and anguish. I spent tons of time getting everything working as well as $$$. My initial e-mail to phpfox support to verify about certain features turned out to be a lie. After I had bought it and installed it didn't have comment photos as the e-mail had told me it did. I have spent over 1,000+ on this and I still have a useless site filled with unknown bugs. Fixing them via css and cleaning the dirty code to get everything working properly is an ongoing pita. It's filled with bugs and author module incompatibility. The script loads multiple css files from everywhere. Minifying the css causes many things to crackle and burn. Ajax is also a lie. Turn it on and many things get broken. Getting help from the support crew at moxi9 has been frustrating because they do not understand what a social network should be. Everyone just wants more of your $$$ for every conflict and incompatibility that arise from their modules. I have invested much of my time and $$$ on this to the point that I can't really back out now and so I head onward not knowing what lies ahead in this fragile code. I am afraid to buy any more addons because every one has issues. The news that version 4.0 has been completely changed and no longer supports all our $$$ investments broke my heart since v4 is suppose to be superior in everyway which means we who bought 3.8 and spent thousands are left behind. Obsolete and stuck with inferior code unless we fork over more $$$ for the 4.0 modules. Top that off with TERRIBLE guides gives phpfox a very bad rating for me. I am managing and now understand more but it was a battle all the way here. One site that did help me a lot was scriptech. That was about it. Very upsetting. I might drop this script and go for boonex. Thinking about it atm.

  • I bought PHP Fox back before they became Moxi. The script base itself is ok, and an alright foundation for many types of projects. If you're a programmer. Here are my complaints. Cons: 1. There are many gaping security holes that I won't be posting here (for obvious reasons). You will need to fix those yourself, more on that in a minute. 2. Support is non-existent, when you get it, they are rude. You will be told multiple times how it, "is a privileged that the overworked programmers are taking time to answer your questions". I was told this for having the audacity to suggest, that perhaps their solution wasn't correct. 3. About their solutions; any time you try to modify the code-base in ANY complex way, you will be informed that your method is wrong with either no alternative, or a cryptic "solution". 4. If you find a bug in their code, do not dare post the offending code or bug on their forums. They are so protective of their code that it makes meaningful discussion between programmers impossible. They lock their comments behind a login portal, but that doesn't matter. You can't inform the community about their many severe security problems, and you are instead direct to "submit a ticket" and the rest of the community must wait for a "patch". 5. About patches; if you do ANY custom coding. Avoid those patches. Avoid updates. Avoid plugins. The people at Moxi/PHPFox assume you know nothing about programming. If one of their patches breaks your build, and you even suggest you changed a single line of code, you will get the same mantra. "Modified cores are unsupported." 6. So back to those security problems. You will be fixing those yourself. If you're not a programmer, you will be running a clone site that unsuccessfully mimics Facebook. This, after all, is PHPFox's/Moxi's target audience. Pros: 1. If I had to give PHPFox any pros, it would be the file structure. Every file is PHP. This means if you want to run some inline code, you can totally do that. The provided (but poorly documented) PHPFox function library is super useful. 2. The back-end, while confusing, is pretty powerful. The admin control panel lets you edit almost anything on the site in real-time. Summary: If you are not a professional Javascript/PHP web programmer. Stay far away from PHPFox. This is ironic, since the target audience are newbies who want to make the next Facebook/PornHub/ect. Their rabid defense of their code combined with their rude and unintelligible support, will leaving you wishing that you learned how to roll your own solution. For now, my site will be using PHPFox, because once you iron out all the bugs, and security problems, and you decipher the function library. You will end up with a quick and usable site. I listed the cons first, because I would NOT recommend this package to my friends. I am not sadistic.

  • Been with them for 3 years! The support is awful! They are rude! Takes 2 weeks to hear back from support. You will spend more time fixing phpfox that running it. Complete garbage! Since day one its been a headache! I should of listen to the negative reviews, all the positive reviews have got to be fake! because Phpfox is horrible x 10

  • While I do like Phpfox, as it enabled me to help a lot of friends, there are definitely some issues. It is marketed as able to be run right out of the box, no coding knowledge required. This is false advertising. Unless you are a quick learner and willing to feel stupid a whole lot, you WILL need to have some idea what you are doing beforehand. No one in the forums or in support dumbs anything down, even if you start out by telling them you do not understand. Customer support. Every time you write, if THEY cannot duplicate the issue on their "perfect" sites, they make you feel as if you've done everything wrong and they just shrug their shoulders as if it's not their problem. Remember, we pay for support. Bugs. Every single time I turn around, there is something else wrong. I submitted a support ticket on June 8th. It is now June 25th. It took them up till June 20th to actually admit it was a bug and NOT my issue. It's been 5 days of constant patches, every patch breaks something else. Now, the original error is back yet again, I've confirmed it with screenshots, and am being told "Nope, it's fixed, just check again". Not a single issue is ever a one click fix. It's always a huge hassle that takes forever and requires your users seeing you fumble and drop the website ball. At this point, I'm honestly debating whether it's worth it to just walk away. 2 months live, 4000 users, and I love it what I've created. But I can't deal with this. THEY aren't getting hundreds of emails a day. They aren't having users leave in droves because of privacy concerns. THEY don't have to have things fixed timely in order to make sure donations keep coming in to pay for the site, as they already got their money. Unless you have a year, at least, or incredibly deep pockets, to give up everything else in favor of chasing bugs, answering user support emails, constantly nagging support, and changing your name to "Patience" since you say it more often than your own name to your users, I'd look for a different option. I'm still holding out that one day I'll be able to be proud of what I built, will be able to breathe and actually WRITE which is what the site was for. I've already sank over $1300 into this site. It'd be nice if Phpfox users could see some good out of their investment instead of constant issues.

  • After 12 weeks of purchasing my lisence for PHPFOX and one week before launching it to the general public, suddenly dozens of Eurpoean people register in the site at the same time on the same day and posting blogs of their products in their languages, so i deleted few of them and banned them. A few minutes later as i was fixing things in the admin panel, i noticed i was logged out. so i tried to log back in, and it wouldnt let me, tried with different devices, but it would say invalid password. i hit forgot password button, and it would say failed captcha, while there was no captcha for me enter, i tried creating a new account as a user, it would work but wouldnt let me login, all of my members who were logged out, tried to login but were unable to. I sent a few emails to support yesterday, and im waiting for their response. If this issue isnt solved you might see another review over here with updates. This was so unexpected and i hate it!

  • I cant tell you how I regret writing this. I am a web developer with 14 years experience and 6 weeks ago decided to give PHPFOX a try. What a mistake. It is functionally poor, full of bugs and with appalling documentation. Their claim you need no programming experience is rubbish. I have had a team of 3 experienced developers working on my site for 6 weeks and they still cant get it to work. And when I want to write to them to complain? You try and find an address? They are invisible. Even on their license agreement there is no contact information. When I posted a complaint about their product on their forum it was immediately removed - so much for the 1st Amendment! The sales blurb sounds good, but trust me (as an honest reviwer who has lost $1,000's ) dont touch it Mike

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Based on extremes of the reviews here, I suspect that phpfox either went very well for some people or the pits for others. When I am ready to throw my computer out the window and wreck my house out of frustration I realized something was wrong. I spent a few hundred dollars on this platform and tried to hang on. There is no customer support unless you pay $49 every 3 months. Your only other recourse is their forums and right now it is full of frustrated clients. I posted 3 requests for help and no one answered me until I posted that I was dropping phpfox. Then I was ridiculed for not hanging in there but I tried to explain that I had been trying for 5 months to get the hang of it and the gliches out. I am not an expert but I am not a beginner either. I did a lot of homework before my purchase, just didn't see these reviews. I gladly walked away from the money I spent and would never recommend phpfox to anyone. The platform for my website now is WordPress. Hope this helps someone else before they throw their money away like I did.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • The product it self is not bad, but if you buy it expect the worst customer support ever! Put in a ticket and expect to wait days before getting a response. This especially happens on the weekends. Ask them to update you on things and your requests will go ignored. And that little promise about installing software in 48 hrs., well you can throw that out the window too! In summary, one of the worst companies ever when it comes to customer support!

  • Im posting this PHPFOX Review because I want to get the word out about PHPFOX. I still have not got it working properly. They have refused to deal with me now and the last email they sent was telling her that it was a hosting problem, that was 3 weeks ago. I replied with that it wasnt a hosting problem and that I wanted my money back. They refuse to listen to me I contacted her credit card company. This is a classic story of what is going on with PHPFOX.

  • This product is not worth the PAIN of installation and debugging. They don't provide ANY support. If you open a support ticket they will give you a generic answer or blame the problem on your hosting company. I've disproved them a number of times. When I sent them a colorful email about their crappy support they threatened to cut me off. If your looking for community software, look somewhere else because it is a TERRIBLE company!!!

  • I know it looks beautiful and the administration pages have nice drag and drop features etc. But please, heed the many warnings that have been posted.

  • This basic software is fine and probably worth the money... I was happy when I first got it BUT then I made the mistake of ordering paid modifications (mods) (without the mods phpfox is a basic myspace-like package) for it and the trouble started... Unless you are a programmer yourself my advice is to STAY AWAY FROM THE PAID MODS for the present until phpfox figures out some way to better manage the build vs mod vs build difficulties. I won't even get into the cost of themes.

  • The first question likely to come to mind will probably be - What do you mean Free? There are a lot of "free" dating sites all over the internet nowadays, but they are not totally free! These sites force you to pay attention to or spend additional traffic on annoying banners and links. You probably never thought about this, because you have gotten used to it. The internet is overrun with advertising. Wherever you go, advertising pursues you. Just analyze how this advertising influences you.

  • Not sure what this review really has to do with our product.

  • I have not personally tried other social networking scripts out there, but have read a lot about them. I just personally liked what I saw and read about phpfox compared to the competition. It had what I wanted and needed, and has many upgrades such as templates, plugins, and development services. There are even template designers for this script that develop professional looking templates. You can check out the services and products available for phpfox at http://www.thefoxdirector

  • This product is not worth the PAIN of installation and debugging. They don't provide ANY support. If you open a support ticket they will give you a generic answer or blame the problem on your hosting company. I've disproved them a number of times. When I sent them a colorful email about their crappy support they threatened to cut me off. If your looking for community software, look somewhere else because phpfox is a TERRIBLE company!!!

  • Hi. After researching community scripts for about 7 months and testing several scripts which were unsuitable, I found the phpFoX konsort 1.5 version. I decided to give it a go and boy, did I make the right move. Installation was faultless, and everthing worked!. The support staff was fantastic and every configuration problem was solved. The general community is great and the actual konsort 1.5 script met every one of my needs. I can't wait for version 2.0 !. My Rating 5***** EXCELLENT !.

  • This script is powerfull. It is able to connect people on diffrent levels. Providing that you know what your doing this script is very addictive. The idea of bring the whole myspace idea to the consumer and his own purpose gives a new meaning to socal life on the internet. Bringing people togther who have never even met before. I give the script points beyond believe.

  • Thanks phpfox. I have owned sevral phpfox sites since it has came out. I would have to agree that its one of the best community scripts out there. They also provide me with great support if I run into a problem, my questions or problems are always fixed withing 24 hours. They also released a new version of the script (konsort 1.5) that I find is running way faster then older versions of the script

  • This software is outrageous. The demo that they show you works great, but if you get it installed, mine took 5 attempts on 3 different servers. Most of the "features" are actually plug ins that need to be installed in addition to the software. Support turnaround time is between 4 hours and one day. Their "Sales" phone number is a voice mail. Don't waste your money, keep looking for another program. Read all the reviews for this product, you will see the same truths about this company.

  • This company is a scam. Their software is absurdly buggy. Their support is nonexistant. Their forums are heavily moderated. If you post a thread with anything negative, they delete it. Their moderators sell mods for money, and if you post something similar for free, they delete it and ban you. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM EVER.

  • The competition in social networking software is getting tight and the competitors of phpFoX are trying to play dirty (look at those one-star reviews), but this software is really amazing for that price they managet to fill it with the most useful features. It is your personal myspace with freedom to modify anything!

  • after i tested many other Social Networking script only phpfox is the best script i found. with lots of options like shoutbox, flashchat, online users, stats, gallery, forum, fun, rate photos, comment on photos, pm, music, and lots of other stuff. for best Social Networking site say use Phpfox. thanks

  • Those three words basically summarize my experience with phpfox. Slow software and support. With just 1000 members, it came to a crawling stop and brought down my server daily. My hosting company disabled my account because it was causing problems for everyone else. It's also extremely buggy. Full of typos and little bugs at the surface, but if you dig deeper you'll find plenty of security issues, as well as major useability issues. I regret purchasing this script.

  • Absolute GARBAGE! This thing is so riddled with bugs you have to be an expert programmer to even begin to use the software. Don't even THINK about contacting support! It's a complete waste of time. I am so dissatisfied with this software package that you couldn't even PAY me to use it.

  • This software is a joke, and like the other poor comment, the positive reviews are suspect. I've been in contact with many phpFox members, and all were unhappy. First of all, the software is incredibly buggy and not useable. It crashes my server which is a dedicated server with just 100 members. It looks like it was slapped together, and the code is horrible. Furthermore, it's extremely buggy, and they are SLOW about fixing these issues. I have sent in many emails, and never received replies.

  • We was looking for a script with many features! and now we found it, yes is the better on the net, and the price is very aceptable! now our comunity have a great Website very profesional, faster, and easy to use. The tech support is great, always are on line, and ready to help us in a few minutes, there is not another one like this script, really.

  • I had some questions about how to implement phpFoX with my exisiting CSS-HTML-FLASH website prior to purchasing this script and they were very helpful in assisting me solve the issue. phpFoX has an experienced team of professionals that will help you get your e-community up and running fast!

  • I was recently given the opportunity to develop my own version of a 3D Instant Messenger, which powers it's community feel with their own custom made social networking system. My team doesn't have the time and money to build our own, so phpFoX looked fantastic from the start! It has everything you could imagine to run the best of the best social communities. And the mod selection is looking great. Almost as great as their instant support! I recommend this software to anyone in the field! :)

  • At first I had issues with bugs, but as a programmer I do know that every software has it bugs, so I simply reported it to the Support and they fixed it in no time. People complaining about bugs here should try to tell the people who's working with it so they can fix it! Cause their support was great! Also phpFoX had so many features and it is so user-friendly for my members. Totally worth it it if you take your time, cause noone can run a site in no time, although I would love to do so! hehe.

  • Some of the reviews on here are so gushing they're somewhat suspect. The ones mentioning the relatively slow email response and the even slower software are more likely. The thing is riddled with bugs, and yes have tried the latest version, even more buggy. Installation is NOT easy, for you'll find plenty of chmod errors hiding away to be found later. Get yourself a good php editor, dedicated server and look forward to a few months work. Or just get something else. Looks nice, not nice.

  • This powerful community portal script does wonders. This is like myspace or hi5 but better and faster!. Their support staff are great! and offer top class assitance. Their constant thrive to upgrade and improve their services classes them in a league of their own.

  • I really like the service phpFox provides. In my experience is the best online script I have ever tried. The support they provide is one of a kind, if you have any kind of problem with your website they answer the ticket the same day or the next day, its really great! The support I receive is the best, they always give the right solutions to all my issues at the right time, its very efficient. My site works perfect thanks to all phpFox workers. I hope the services stay as good as now!

  • I like the idea and some of the features. The instant messenger sucks. The forum sucks. Support sucks. This script can't hold more than a few people online. I've seen sites on dedicated servers with 1gb ram plus with an average of 50 people online makes it very very laggy. I've also seen sites on vps with less than 10 online and it makes it very very laggy. The structure of the script sucks.

  • This product is full of bugs. I think the staff knows it themselves, that's why they have admmitted that they are doing a complete rewrite of the entire script! They have halted all development to fix the absurd problems in the script, and to actually rewrite one that works. The support must be overwhelmed by emails from all the bugs, because I never get a reply. I simply can't used phpFox on a live site, it would make my members leave within minutes of seeing the wreck in action.

  • Simple to install... and so many great features! I'm delighted I selected phpFoX to power my website. Support has been amazing!! Recommended!

  • This script is pure garbage! There is absolutely no way anyone could ever expand onto the thing if their site got large and templates are a joke. Hard to install. Cant actually create html pages like they would lead you to believe. Stay away! This software is the worst I have ever seen and for the money they want for it, its a joke.

  • I have just recently purchased PHPFox's portal system. I have their month to month hosting and license. I have been online 2 days and still having major problems with the product THEY installed. A lot of things are not working, their tech support is AWFUL. I have asked them twice to call me as e-mail support was taking days and confusing them as well as me. NO PHONE CALL! Is that so much to ask? If things change I'll post again but right now I recommend stay away!

  • I emailed phpfox a number of times w/ presale questions and they only answered a few & ignored the rest. Resubmit & still got vague answers. I tried one last time w/5 questions & again they only half answered 2 of them. I tried again & days later have gotten NO reply. If this is indicative of their 90 days support, I can't imagine purchasing their product. Beware of their License Agreement, last line, "phpFoX reserves the right to modify these terms at any time."

  • I have spent literally months researching portal systems which would be best for my site. Your package delivers all that I wanted and more. Thanks!

  • This software is rubbish and is not ready for a live site. It is horribly plagued with bugs, and does not install or work out of the box! I spent ages going page by page fixing typos, font tags, and many other PHP related bugs. Their forums provide no customer support, and contacting them by email takes AGES! I would not recommend this to anyone.

  • This script is honestly powerful, is like myspace in a can. you get to handle which ads and where to show them (cash!), users get in by tons because of the more than 50 features this site offers (videos, blogs, games, messages, custom profiles, video in profiles,themes, admin panel, (paid)memberships...) No complains so far, only joys

  • I was very pleased to see most of the features from incorporated into this package. Not only was the setup easy, but took only a few minutes. Not only did you provide me with an awesome portal system, but your customer support is excellent!