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  • I would like to thank the developers and support staff for such an awesome product. The had me up and running within hours. It's now been over a year since I purchased the product and I never looked back at any other alternatives since. It has everything I need and never crashed on me. I'm yet to find any problems with it. Once again thanks and keep up the great work.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • After purchasing this $199.95 script i ran into the problems. The support is not knowledgeable, worthless and never helped to solve the problem. The upgrade version has incomplete instructions, and in order to update you have to overwrite all the files.After installation nothing works properly.No old database, no custom pages, no media, no old profiles. Vlad could not explain us why it's not working, nor did he give any instructions, unless we pay. It seems once they have your money, they don't give a crap about your issues. We refused to pay , as it says "Free support'' on VldPersonals site. Update. After number of tickets submitted to Vld technical support, we've been denied any support and our license was suspended. I thought when you pay for something is yours? ...-) --------"Vlad K - We won't need any access and we will not do anything for you.You had done 2 things wrong: 1. Attempted to get a refund without our authorization. 2. Made false public claims about our software and company. Both go against our company's policies and neither are tolerated. As such, you will no longer receive any kind of support from us." ------ My experience they call false claims... They don't have a phone number or address listed on their website. People must know what to expect from this business. TO VLAD- Yes, we asked to activate our license or refund our money! Am I paying for nothing? You stole my license? Buyers be aware. and yes, this is how you treat your customers, 60 emails without any results! You got that right! Trust me. Spend your money elsewhere! Run!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • This client has neither followed our instructions, nor has given us any details on what they did with their site, leaving us to guess it. Client's account has been suspended due to the charge back (after ONE YEAR of using our software and continuous service and support). This is probably the only person we have exchanged 60 emails with without any results. None of our thousands of other clients had these problems which should be self explanatory as to who was the cause of these issues. For anyone curious you may check out our complete conversion with this client in our help desk at

  • This is by far one of the best products I've purchased. You can buy it "as is" or get it completely customized. It is very well managed and presented, fast and very easy to install (not to mention the free installation which is provided even though I didn't need it). What makes it even more incredible is the support. Vlad and his team respond quickly and their knowledge of the product is amazing. Great job and thank you.

  • I looked through all of the dating scripts available on the market, and it really is a competitive one. i was referred to vldPersonals by a friend who purchased their software previously. The level of support i received was great. Any questions i had were answered within minutes. Their personal touch and attention to every detail made me confident that i made the right decision.

  • I totally disagree with the negative reviews i've read here. This prduct has been great for me and their support has been more than excellent.

  • This is a relatively new script on the market- and it shows! This is full of bugs and these people are not nearly fast enough to respond to support! It's impossible to reach them since they have no phone number. I don't know of many legitimate companies without a phone number you can reach them at. This company is a fraud! Look elsewhere, this script is absolute rubbish.

  • This user is not even our client. He repeatedly spammed us via email and our forums. Wouldn't be surprised if it's one of the competitors. Our support team provides our clients with the fastest support possible. As for bugs? What bugs? A person who never used our software obviously cannot say such a thing. Check out our forums and ask other members and more importantly clients.